Landscape Photography

The “OMG Space Is Cool” geek club is still recovering from spending the entire holiday weekend working on some kind of warp field hypothesis instead of sleeping so they’re all wrecked and in no condition speak coherently, let alone drive the DeLorean at a high rate of speed. Since I’m just a bird, I can’t […]

A Digital Camera Primer — Point-and-Shoots

Well, History Geek took the DeLorean and went to watch the battle of Cannae — yeah, I know. No one but History Geek and military historians know or care about that battle — and managed to rip the gas tank on the way back. So, while the geeks are pooling their ignorance to repair the […]

Photography History: The Evolution of Flash…

Good Monday, everyone. History Geek remembered the plutonium today so we’re off again. Since flash and illumination were two of the major road blocks in decreasing camera size, we’re going to spend some time looking at what flash is and how it enhances photography. Providing illumination for photography has always been one of the design […]

OMG Space Is Cool Club Declares Contest-Time!

The “OMG Space Is Cool” club came over to my desk and announced that we are going to have a contest and that I’d better tell all of you about it or I would get shipped straight to space sans helmet. So, we’re having a contest! Yay for contests! This Sunday, the western US will […]

Check This Out: A New Camera On the Block

History Geek was too busy nerdraging over being defeated by the “unable to log in” boss in Diablo III last night to remember to swing by the store and grab some plutonium so our adventure through photography history is on a temporary hiatus until the gamers figure out the best tactics for overcoming this encounter. […]

Photography History: Enter The Mechanic…

This is Part II of the Photography History series Dinosaurs are awesome. Still, it’s time to head to the year 1878. Reconstruction was in full swing in the United States. Life was mostly peaceful across the Pond. France and Prussia were still arguing over Alsace and Lorraine but they weren’t fighting. The Daguerreotype process was […]

Astrophotography: Taking Awesome To New Levels

Remember when I said a few days ago that space was kinda cool? Well, it is. I’ve been spying on the “OMG SPACE IS COOL” geek club’s meetings and, I gotta admit, they’ve got me curious about this. Well, that and the Geek In Chief of the club constantly sending around photos from NASA’s Astronomy […]

Photography History: In the Beginning…

DA Bird here. Today’s entry was inspired by the history degree our resident nerd isn’t using. In honor of history geeks everywhere, we’re gonna take a little trip back in time. So, get the flux capacitors fluxing (don’t forget the spare plutonium) and let’s go back to the early days of photography. Time circuits set […]

Mother’s Day Shouldn’t Be Such A Hassle…

Once the “OMG SPACE IS COOL” geek club finished their meeting today here at Beach Camera (seriously, they’re the biggest group of stoners who don’t actually do drugs I have ever seen), I checked the calendar and saw that Mother’s Day is coming up soon. As in the-weekend-after-this-weekend-soon. Now, I don’t know about the rest […]

Smart Camera Is Smart

Samsung has just revealed its newest line of Smart Cameras. These cameras are so smart that they can take your photos for you. If they were any smarter, they’d be able to do your taxes for you. So, just how smart are these cameras? Pretty smart. We turned on one of them and it started […]