Photography History: Ubiquity

And we’re finally back on our trek through photography history. History Geek got the DeLorean patched up and is feeling up to the trip this time around. So, let’s set the time circuits for the end of World War II and look at photography as it became more prevalent and culturally entrenched, particularly in the […]

All New Sony DSC-RX100: A Pocket Camera That Packs A Punch

The fine folks over at Sony have just announced the latest addition to their Cyber-shot line up: the Sony Cyber-shot DCS-RX100. This pocket-sized camera punches in well above its weight level with a super-powerful sensor, on-the-lens controls, and all of the features you’ve come to expect from the Cyber-shot line up. Billed as the compact […]

Venutian Transit Tomorrow — Portrait Photography Today!

The “OMG Space Is Cool” club wanted me to make certain that the rest of you know about the transit tomorrow. No, I’m not talking about a bus or anything. Apparently Venus is going to pass in front of the Sun and, if you’ve still got your gear from the annular eclipse handy, you’ll be […]