New From Sony: Sony Action Cam!

Word just came from Sony that they have announced the release of their latest camera: the Sony Action Camera! Aimed at adrenaline junkies and sports enthusiasts, the Sony Action Camera will let you capture the best video of the action while you’re in the midst of it! This camera comes with an adhesive helmet mount, […]

Profiles in Photography: Mathew Brady

Can you guess the first war where war photography existed? Without having to use a search engine or ask your resident history buff? You might be surprised by the answer. I knew that photography had existed in the 1800s. However, it never really struck me that that meant that there would be photos from the […]

Photos That Changed History: Tiananmen Square

I was going through our archive of historical photos and looking for one to quiz the Geek Club on. I figured they’d know the Migrant Mother, the V-J Day photo, all of the photos from the Vietnam War. However, I figured I’d be able to stump them with something that happened when they were all […]

Profiles in Photography: Ansel Adams

Here at Beach Camera, we’re big on photography. We like cameras, photos, and everything that has anything to do with those subjects. I, personally, like to look over photographs with the rest of the crew and I actually enjoy it when History Geek mentions that one of those photos is famous for changing photography history […]

Photos That Changed History: Election Edition

It’s an election year and everywhere I fly I hear or see advertisements for candidates for various political offices. Now, being a bird, I don’t get to vote but I do get to be amused by the things people will do to get elected or to stay in office. Really, some of these ads are […]

Why Does Photography Exist?

There are a few things that I think will always puzzle me about humans. Really, you people fascinate me. As much as I razz on the guy, I think that History Geek is probably one of your best ambassadors to the Descendants of Dinosaurs (us birds for those of you who haven’t been following along). […]

Photographic History: Pictures from the Curiosity Mars Rover

The “OMG Space Is Cool” club has been sending photos back and forth all week. I think every last one of them stayed up all night Sunday watching the Curiosity landing. History Geek, at the very least, looked wrecked when he staggered into the office Monday clutching a large mug of coffee like his life […]

Photograph for Prizes: Capture the Dog Days of Summer!

We love photography and photographers — whether professional or amateur. In order to encourage more photography, we’re launching a Monthly Photography Contest. We’ll be running this contest every month so stay tuned to this space if you want to join in. This month’s theme is The Dog Days of Summer. Snap a photo that captures […]

Smartphones vs Cameras: Which Is Better?

Just about everyone nowadays has a smartphone. Smartphones, such as the iPhone, the Android, and Galaxy phones, usually have an embedded camera. These cameras have been used to capture images and video that have helped to uncover misconduct or bad behavior as well as just taking photos of landscapes, monuments, and people. Given the rising […]