Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween today. Halloween is one of my all-time favorite holidays. Candy, costumes, and cute-but-creepy kids going around trick-or-treating. Of course, with the storm that blew through this part of the country, Halloween has been delayed because conditions are still too treacherous for the little tykes to be out on candy collection duty. Don’t worry; […]

Storm Photography

All of New Jersey, including those of us at Beach Camera, are bracing to ride out Hurricane Sandy. History Geek, being the upstanding guy that he is, kindly invited the Mrs. and I to stay at his secure facility during the storm. He’s got plenty of bread on hand for us and his place is […]

Famous Historical Photographs: Lunch Atop A Skyscraper

The twentieth century was filled with advances in photography. Owing to the work of George Eastman and other photography pioneers, photography became accessible to everyone. It also began to make its way into the world of news as news photographers and reporters collaborated on capturing both the image and the moral of the story. Some […]

Why buy a full-frame camera?

With cell phone cameras making significant advances in image quality and in the ability to edit photos via apps like Instagram, many people are opting to use their cell phones as their primary camera. They cite reasons such as the fact that they always have their phone with them and that the phone can do […]

Photos That Changed History: James Meredith

History Geek pointed out that this year is the fiftieth anniversary of a rather important event in American history. He forwarded me this photo and told me the story behind it. For those of you who weren’t born yet, consider today’s post a look into a past that is, thankfully, very different than the present […]

Cinematics, Computers, and Video Editing: An Intro

The geek squad has been talking a lot lately about various new video games and movies they’re playing or watching. I happened to glance over and see a homemade video that one of the geeks had brewed up. It had live action sequences of them in various costumes interspersed with scenes from their games and […]

Harvesting the Colors of Fall

It’s fall. Outside, the leaves are changing color on the trees. School buses make their way up and down the streets every morning and afternoon. The weather is getting colder and the days are getting shorter. Though summer may be over and its warmer days missed, fall is a great time to take wonderful photos. […]

Photogenic Earth

Each week we do a recap for all of those who aren’t following us on Twitter and might have missed out on some of the top stories in photography that we covered. However, Twitter isn’t the only place where we’re posting interesting and beautiful things. Over on our Facebook page hardly a day goes by […]