Winter Photography

Fall is wrapping up in these parts and many people are beginning to prepare for the winter season. Many people see winter as the season when photography hibernates. However, for the adventurous photographer, winter is just another time to go out and capture some great images. If you’re not too bothered by the cold and […]

Historical Photographers: Alfred Stieglitz, Part III

Part I and Part II of this series were posted earlier Moving from advocating solely for photography and more for advocating for modern art, Alfred Stieglitz took the unusual step on 1907 of working together with Clarence H. White, a friend, on a series of photographic experiments. The pair hired two models and took photos […]

The Sony Alpha NEX-6

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States and the day after that marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season that ends with presents wrapped in shining paper beneath a tree being opened. Many people have already picked out the gifts that they are planning to purchase, wrap, and give to their friends and family […]

Historical Photographers: Alfred Stieglitz, Part II

Part I of this series was posted last Monday After resigning from the Camera Club and his position as editor of its magazine Camera Notes, Stieglitz continued to correspond with other photographers. Among them was Eva Watson-Schütze, a fellow American photographer. She urged Stieglitz to use his influence to put together an exhibition that would […]

Colorizing Old Photos

Recently, the trend of taking old black-and-white photos and colorizing them, either by hand or in Photoshop, has begun to take off. The results can be stunning, giving a new depth and personality to photos that often get passed over when students turn to those pages in their history books. However, some people argue that […]