Historical Photographers: Alfred Stieglitz, Part I

This week we’re going to discuss one of the most influential and, in many ways controversial, figures in the world of photography. He campaigned to get photography recognized as an art form co-equal with painting and sculpting. He established several photography clubs and movements. He worked tirelessly to bring new art forms, both photographic and […]

Photos That Changed History: Tearing Down The Wall

I was browsing through historical events that happened this week and came across a big one. This event was one that many people had hoped to see happen for many years. It marked the beginning of the end of a long conflict between the superpowers of the time and the reconciliation and reunification of a […]

Remember, remember…

Today is November 5. Tomorrow is an important day in the US: Election Day. However, across the Pond in the United Kingdom, today is a national holiday. Known as Guy Fawkes day, today is the day that many Britons get together to burn effigies of Guy Fawkes and to set off fireworks. So, who is […]