Photographic Techniques: Forced Perspective

Anyone who’s been photographing for a while will already know this trick from the photographer’s grab-bag of tricks. Some of the rest of you might know what it is, if not the proper name, from gag photos taken on vacation. For the rest of us, the term “forced perspective” didn’t enter our lexicons until after […]

Historical Photographers: Ai Weiwei

In the past our focus on photographers have been big names from the past. Today’s entry focuses on a contemporary photographer, the Chinese photographer Ai Weiwei. Weiwei is not only a photographer, he is a political activist who has been highly critical of the Chinese government and has dedicated much of his coverage to things […]

Historical Photos: Martin Luther King, Jr. Edition

Today is the third Monday in January 2013. Today is the day set aside to remember one of the most influential civil rights speakers in history: Martin Luther King, Jr. In 1963, he led a march on Washington D.C. to demand that black citizens be granted the same rights and to have those rights protected […]

Historical Photographers: Brassaï

Most well-known for his photographs of the Parisian streets, Gyula Halász — Brassaï — was born in Brassó, Transsylvania, part of the Kingdom of Hungary in 1899. At the age of three, he and his family lived in Paris for a year while his father taught at the Sorbonne before returning home to Hungary. Brassaï […]

New Cameras Planned for the New Year Ahead

CES 2013 has officially come to a close. Last week, in Las Vegas, many new cameras were available for testing and tinkering with. Not all of the features in these cameras are final and many of the models were just one foot out of production. We’ll be doing a more in-depth feature on each of […]

Historical Photographers: Dorothea Lange

Up until now, our line-up of historical photographers has been dominated by men. Though men do, by and large, outnumber women in the history of photography, that does not mean that women are altogether absent. Today, there are many female photographers of great fame and renown. In their honor, today’s entry will discuss one of […]

CES 2013 Begins

The Consumer Electronics Show has begun in Las Vegas and already things are looking up for the world of photography and photographers throughout the country. CES 2012 saw major announcements in photography gear including the Fujifilm X-Pro1, the Nikon D4, and the Canon PowerShot G1 X as well as the first Android-based camera, the Polaroid […]

Historical Photographers: Jerry Uelsmann

Jerry Uelsmann is one of the most well-known and unique photographers of the modern-day era. He is considered the forerunner of the photomontage in the 20th century and his techniques, relying solely on darkroom work, have helped to change the way that photography is viewed. Early on in his photography career, Uelsmann disdained the limitations […]