Season Three of Game of Thrones Coming in March

I’ve just been looking around at the Game of Thrones site and looking at the photos and the film stills shown there and I’m amazed. I know that this series isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it still looks awesome. The second season DVDs have just recently gone on sale and I, of course, nabbed […]

New Cameras From Sony!

We’ve just set up the pre-orders for two new cameras from Sony: the Sony Alpha SLT-A58K and the Sony NEX-3NL. Both of these cameras boast great new features, making them ideal for novices wishing to move beyond their first point-and-shoot and into the ever-widening world of photography. The Sony NEX-3NL is a compact system camera […]

The Difference Between Digital And Optical Zoom

Many people who are trying to decide if they should buy and carry a point-and-shoot camera in addition to their smartphone often wonder if there is much in the way of advantage for the camera. This is a topic we have discussed on this blog before. And, as a camera store, we are, predictably, of […]

Camera Proliferation and The Meteor Seen ‘Round The World

Considering the hype that the asteroid 2012 DA 14 caused with its pass-by so close to Earth, we were all expecting that would be the biggest news taking place last Friday. However, when a horse-sized meteor weighing in at 7,000 – 10,000 tons slammed into Earth’s atmosphere and exploded over a sparsely populated part of […]

Questions About Movie Production Answered!

Things are getting interesting over here at Beach Camera. In the last couple of weeks, some of the geeks have decided to try to make a movie. So, they’ve been arguing over who was going to do which jobs on the production team or even what jobs were on the production team. I decided to […]

Using DSLRs in Cinematography

Taking a break from the normal drone of history around these parts, I thought today we’d have a little fun looking at the present and the future of cameras and film-making. Most everyone who thinks of movie cameras thinks of the big rig with a huge viewfinder that weighs a ton. No one thinks of […]

Post-Processing Techniques: Photo Stacking

There are many different ways of processing photos in the development phase in order to improve them without having to resort to drastic measures. Some of the most common methods include removing the “red eye” from portraits or softening a harsh light source. HDR or high dynamic range is another method that is becoming more […]

Historical Photographs: Migrant Mother

A few weeks ago we discussed the American photographer Dorothea Lange. Her most well-known photo was that of Migrant Mother taken during the Great Depression. The story behind this photo and the people involved in it is a tale that tells of the hard life and times from that era. Migrant Mother was taken in […]