Shorter Hours for Passover/Easter

For the next week and a half, our offices will be closed several days for the observation of Passover. The schedule of our hours will be posted below. Also, please note that New Jersey and other parts of the Northeastern United States are currently under a winter storm advisory until midnight. Weather conditions here may […]

Photography, Copyright, and the Internet

I’ve been listening to some of the chatter around the office lately. It seems that there is a lot of activity on the issue of copyright law and the Internet. History Geek filled me in on some of it. Most of it involves movies and music but he did mention something odd. Photographs are often […]

The Hobbit and Frame Rate

Back when The Hobbit was first released in theaters, there was a lot of hand-wringing over the higher frame rate versions. Many people were afraid that if movies began to move to using 48 frames per second instead of the most commonly used format of 24 frames per second, they would look either “too real,” […]

Photobombing: A New Trend In Photography?

In recent months, more and more photos are showing up on the Internet and being shared across social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. One early example that took off on the Internet is an intentionally set up photobomb involving a sting ray, three girls, and water. Now, however, photobombing — the art of becoming […]

Historical Photographers: Vivian Maier

One of the most overlooked photographers of the more recent era is Vivian Maier. Born in New York City and raised in France, this photographer did most of her work as an adult after returning to her home country from abroad. In her forty years as a nanny in Chicago, she took over 100,000 photos […]

Other Uses of Photography: Reconnaissance Photography

Photography is more than just an art form or a means of reporting events. Many different professions make use of photography in helping them with their jobs. Film crews and studios use photography to decide where best to shoot their movies. Police use photography in line-ups to help point the finger at a suspect in […]

An interesting little piece of photography trivia…

While cruising around looking for something to write about for today’s post, I stumbled upon an interesting little manual that I’m sure very few of you have seen. That’s right, Zeiss/Ikon, owned in part by Carl Zeiss, the same name branded on some high-end lenses, wrote a manual on exposure times for the up-and-coming photographer. […]