Extreme Photography: Storm Chasers

Please do not attempt to go out and capture photography in inclement weather without taking time to prepare yourself and your gear for the conditions. Also, please do not do this without having taken several safety courses and as many precautions as you can against injury. High winds and tornadoes are nothing to fool around […]

Kerry Skarbakka: The Struggle to Right Oneself

Earlier this week I stumbled across an interesting photography exhibit by Kerry Skarbakka. Called “The Struggle to Right Oneself” it consists of photographs of himself when he fell or jumped and was suspended completely in midair. Mr. Skarbakka used a variety of rigs and harnesses to protect the himself while he captured his photographs. His […]

Photography Is Not A Crime

In recent years, as digital cameras become more common and as cameras and recording devices are found more and more often on cell phones, people are beginning to run afoul of police officers by using their cameras or cell phones to capture footage of arrests, stop and searches, pull-overs, and other police activities. Quite often, […]

Photographing Optical Illusions

Just about all of us have seen or shared some of the optical illusion graphics that you can find on Facebook. However, earlier this week I came across one I hadn’t seen before that wasn’t a traditional graphic. It was a photograph of a car with a rather interesting paint job. The first time I […]

Is Your Camera More Powerful Than Hubble’s?

This is a question that has come up from time to time here at Beach Camera. People wonder if the cameras we sell are as powerful as the ones that cost several millions or billions and get taken up into space to photograph the universe. After all, many of those cameras were designed and sent […]

Get out in the Garden this Spring

Nice weather finally arriving has gotten everyone here at the office stirred up. No one really wants to stay inside during the day unless they absolutely have to. One thing that some of them are doing is starting to work on their gardens. While this is a great way to get some sun and to […]

Extreme Space Photography: Voyager’s Cameras

The Voyager probes have been in and out of the headlines over the past few years as they near the interstellar boundary. It is amazing that technology that is nearly forty years old is still able to function in the extremes of space and has sent back some very interesting photos and data about the […]