Recreating Paintings With Photography

Recently a friend of mine sent me a link to a great photographer’s site. The first time I saw it, though, I thought “No way. This has to be Photoshopped.” Instead, after poking around for a while, I came to understand how exactly Mike Kaplan captures such stunning images with a camera and, without any […]

The Supermoon and the Moon Illusion

Last night was the night of the “supermoon” which is when the perigee moon is full (when the moon is full and is at the closest point it can get to Earth). Photographers and astronomy buffs were out in force capturing images and measurements of the moon during the night. During the weeks before, though, […]

How The Other Half Lives

Photography is often more than just a way of capturing pictures. Sometimes it can be a way of bringing a new level of awareness about a situation to those who have the ability to effect change. Photojournalists especially try to do this by capturing the images of today’s news so that we can not only […]

Tilt-Shift Photography

If you’ve ever seen a photograph where the entire image looks like a model toy set and only a small region is actually in focus, then you’ve seen tilt-shift photography. Tilt-shift photography is a particular technique of photography wherein an image is captured in such a way that it looks like it is a model. […]

3D Television — Will It Ever Catch On?

Television manufacturers are always looking to out-do one another since their products — televisions — have a very long life cycle. Most people replace their televisions only when the unit stops working properly. However, the manufacturers have been trying for years to get people to move to the long-sought-after 3D television. 3D television isn’t what […]

Weatherproofing Cameras

Today, it’s quite easy to go out and find a waterproof camera. However, waterproof cameras do not come in all shapes, sizes, and models. For some photographers, their camera of choice is not waterproof meaning they have to spend a good bit of money to get it waterproofed or, at the very least, weatherproofed. But […]

Urban Photography

When most people hear “urban photography” they think of street photography or photos of massive skyscrapers taken from the ground up. However, urban photography also encompasses cityscape photography. And, when things line up perfectly, a photographer can capture an image that is beyond iconic and moves into the realm of “epic.” Over at GizModo, Ashley […]