Capturing the Kopp-Etchells Effect

Last year, we contacted war photographer Michael Yon for an interview about his work in photographing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Yesterday, NPR caught up with him to showcase some of his newer photos capturing what he is calling the “Kopp-Etchells Effect.” This strange lighting effect occurs when helicopters land or take off in […]

Some Useful Tips for Digital Camera Owners

While checking through stories for photography looking for some good blog fodder today, I stumbled over this really useful article at Popular Science. This article offers up some really good advice for people who own digital cameras, especially those that are pocket-sized. The bit about having a photo with your phone number could definitely be […]

America in the 1970s

During this week, In Focus magazine is running their Documerica Series. This photography series is part of the Documerica Project started by the Environmental Protection Agency in the 1970s to document and show the effects of modern life on the environment over the course of several years. However, while photographers were primarily supposed to get […]

Canon Opens An HQ in New York!

Straight out of the horse’s mouth, we hear that Canon has finally opened a corporate headquarters in North America. Canon has been wanting to open a major office in the United States for several years now and we’re happy to congratulate them on achieving that goal as well as welcoming them here. Canon’s new offices […]

Summer Sunset Photos

Summer is a great time to start working on your sunset photos. With the sun setting later, it gives you more time to find a good place to photograph from and means that you don’t have to be so rushed getting there from work if you’re not on vacation. That’s why the people over at […]

Beating the Heat While Photographing the Summer

As summer rolls on and people are out and about on vacation, it’s natural to want to get out and get the best photographs you can. Summer’s long days and bright colors give photographers ample tools to work with — in some ways, even more than the colors of spring and autumn. However, summer does […]

Robotic Photography and Tennis

Digital Photography Review has a really interesting article up about how Nikon and Mark Roberts Motion Control helped to engineer a new way for images of the fast-paced Wimbledon games to be captured. Instead of relying on the normal “from the sidelines” positions, this team worked together to build a series of rigs for the […]

Nature’s Glory

Photographers often go to the most picturesque settings to try to capture great images. When most people think of beautiful places to visit and photograph, they think of beaches, lush forests, painted hills, or other calm and colorful places. They don’t think “active volcano.” Unless they’re this guy. QT Luong spent years gathering images of […]

Photography Tips and Tricks: Fireworks

For all of you getting ready to capture some great fireworks shots tomorrow, we’re recapping last year’s post on this topic to help you out! Tomorrow is Independence Day in the US and if there’s one thing that is a great thing to capture on film, it’s fireworks. However, getting great shots of fireworks displays […]

Photography and the f16 Rule

If you’ve been practicing photography for any length of time, undoubtedly you’ve come across the f16 rule or the Sunny 16 rule that states that on a sunny day at noon, if your aperture is set to f16, then the proper shutter speed to use in the reciprocal of the ISO. Therefore, if your ISO […]