Photography Adventure: Close Up With An Alligator

Wildlife and nature photographers love to get close to their subjects. However, sometimes they get a little too close for comfort. When that happens, usually the best case scenario is a jolt of adrenaline and a lesson well-learned. However, sometimes photography gear is confiscated by the local wildlife as part of the lesson-teaching (don’t get […]

The Afghan Girl

Last week’s entry about the iPhone Photography Award winners had an image in it that made me remember this famous photograph taken by Steve McCurry for the cover of The National Geographic. The photo has been called “the Afghan Mona Lisa” and is quite beautiful. The woman photographed, Sharbat Gula, was twelve at the time […]

2013 iPhone Photography Awards Winners

Mobile or smartphone photography has made great strides in the past few years. Smartphone manufacturers are building in better cameras and sensors and some camera manufacturers, such as Sony, are beginning to develop snap-on accessories to further enhance the images that users can capture with their smartphones. App developers are improving as well and mobile […]

Frozen Moments in Time

Last week, we discussed a photo essay called “Havana Nights” which gives the city of Havana, Cuba an empty and eerily desolate look. That photo article made me remember this other photography article I read a few years back. It’s a series of photographs taken by a woman touring one of the most abandoned places […]

Secret Places and Photography

This may not be such a secret anymore considering that even I have heard of it but, if you haven’t, then it’s well work checking out. Apparently, there is a secret, abandoned subway station in NYC. Built in 1904, this station has been closed and left untouched since 1945. It’s a beautiful place, filled with […]

Mobile Photography Is On The Rise

As more and more people purchase smartphones with built-in cameras, the newborn field of mobile photography is exploding from its early days of extremely fuzzy and pixilated photos that required a good bit of squinting (and loads of imagination) to figure out what they were to a discipline of photography in its own right. Mobile […]

360 Panoramas: Tokyo Tower

Just recently, a friend sent me a link to a group of photographers who specialize in doing 360 degree panoramas of cities. I’ve spent some time checking them out and they are good. Really good. Their latest work is a 360 degree view of Tokyo as seen from the Tokyo Tower. This image weighs in […]