From Above the Sky

Photos of the night sky, of the distant planets, stars, galaxies, and nebulae are things that continually fascinate and inspire awe in everyone who looks at them. The beauty and majesty of the universe at large is something that speaks very deeply to everyone. That’s why the Hubble telescope has part of its time dedicated […]

Who are you going to believe?

Me or your lying eyes? I’m sure that most everyone has heard that particular line and I’m sure that most of us would believe our own “lying eyes” over some slick-talking conman trying to scam us. However, is that always wise? Is seeing always believing? Oddly enough, someone who has a deft hand at design […]

Giant Sun Mirrors

InFocus has a great photoessay today focused on the Norwegian town of Rjukan and Viganella in Italy. You wouldn’t think, at first, that these two towns had much in common but, in fact, they do. It turns out that both of them are located in deep valleys and suffer from a lack of direct sunlight […]

Iconic Photos: JFK November 22, 1963: A Bystander’s View of History

Some of the most famous images from the twentieth century were taken on a single day in Dallas, Texas. Those would be the images of JFK’s last day and the images taken in the aftermath of his assassination. We all recognize them even if some of us weren’t born yet. There’s the photo of Vice […]

A Few Tips for Leaf-Falling Photography

The leaf-falling part of autumn is here and will soon be gone (honestly, some trees go from bright green to bare in 48 hours while others take a month to lose their leaves) which means that if you were wanting to capture the “changing of the colors” with your camera, you really need to get […]

My Newest Favorite Photographer

I don’t remember how exactly I stumbled across this guy but he has very quickly become my new favorite photographer. He has the same kind of obsession with places that have been abandoned that I have. Brandon Davis has several really great photo sets from abandoned railway stations, abandoned hotels, abandoned churches, schools, factories, and […]

Major Photography Events for Late 2013

2013 is drawing to a close as we enter the final quarter of the year. There are many photographic events coming up: mainstays like the changing tree colors of autumn, football games, hayrides, bonfires, and the major holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas) are all things that most people plan to photograph each year. However, […]

Another Abandoned Place?

A little while back, after seeing the photography exhibit “Havana Nights” and talking about the photo montage put together by Kidd of Speed about Chernobyl, I started looking around to see if there were any other famously abandoned spaces like the Zone of Exclusion around Chernobyl or places where it looked like time had stopped […]

Extreme Photography: Underwater Photography

Our friends over at Photography Talk have just created another one of their nifty lists. This list is about the nine most dangerous photography jobs. While I have only a few quibbles with their list (really, skydiving photography is probably pretty safe considering just how many checks there are before you actually get in the […]