What camera features would you add?

This past year saw a lot of changes and additions to camera standards with built-in WiFi and easy-to-use social sharing features becoming almost an industry standard. Image stabilization, anti-camera shake features, and cleaner image processing also became more widespread from point and shoots to high-end DSLRs. So, looking ahead to 2014, what features do you […]

The Coolest Photography Accessory Ever

So, you are probably getting a little frantic now if you’re still shopping for that photographer in your life and still haven’t figured out what quite to get them. After all, buying gear for a photographer can be very hit-or-miss if you don’t know a lot about the kind of photography they generally practice and […]

Mall Santa Photos: A Staple of the Holidays

Every year during December, we can just about count on seeing elaborate displays of the North Pole where Santa Claus lives with his elvish helpers making toys all year round. And, the centerpiece of these displays is, indeed, the man himself seated in a throne-like chair wearing his classic red and white clothing, his long […]

2013 in Review: Photos from the Year

There are only about three weeks left in 2013. So, while you’re out doing your holiday shopping, traveling to see your friends or family for the holidays, or just sitting at home and enjoying the quiet (or the noise, whatever you’re into), try to take some time to check out In Focus’s three-part series on […]

Leaving the Camera at Home

While checking out photography news stories today, I came across this advice article over at Digital Photography School about good habits for photographers to develop. Oddly enough, one of them was “leave the camera at home.” The more I think about it, though, the more this is a really good idea. Granted, if you’re a […]