Parisian Street Photography

Paris, France, is probably one of the most-photographed cities in the world. From the Haussmann façade buildings to the monuments that liberally dot the land, Paris is one of those places where there’s an opportunity for photography as well as a story. Having stood witness to everything from the Roman invasion of Gaul before the […]

Sony’s Latest Waterproof Mobile Gadgets

This one is for the mobile photography enthusiasts out there. Sony has just unveiled a new line of phones and tablets that are waterproof. With the latest updates in weatherproofing and waterproofing, these new mobile gadgets from Sony can take a splash without fizzling out. No special bulky life-proof case needed. These updates and the […]

Nikon D4s Buzz and Rumors

Ever since its first appearance at CES 2014, pro photographers have been waiting for the latest word on the new Nikon D4s. Buzz around the Internet is that this camera will be Nikon’s first pro-level DSLR to shoot 4K video and could include a 16MP sensor, HD movie recording in 1080p at 60fps, a new […]

Mobile Photography: Lenses

With predictions projecting a decline in the point-and-shoot market as the entry point for photography, more and more camera manufacturers are turning to support of mobile photography in order to both embrace new photographers and new forms of photography as well as continue to make up for the missing 40% they are expected to lose […]

The Winter Olympics at Sochi

For the next few weeks, the focus of the photography world will be fixed on Sochi, in Russia, as the Winter Olympics take place. There have already been a lot of photos tweeted out about the somewhat unprepared nature of the Olympic village and accommodations. And, while the coverage of the opening ceremony was nice, […]

Photographing the Olympics: A Professional’s Take

The Olympics are in full swing over in Sochi, Russia, and plenty of people are paying rapt attention to the events. Journalists and television stations from around the world have converged on the city, often turning up stories that have little to do with the athletics and more to do with Sochi not quite being […]

The 2014 Sony World Photography Awards

Sony has just released its 2014 world photography awards winner’s shortlist and InFocus has them up on their site. Though the first one is a little creepy — cute, but creepy — they are all great photos taken by very talented photographers from around the world. My especial favorite is the one with the wildebeests. […]