Pushing the Boundaries of Art or Decency?

Photographers, like all artists, are looking for ways to expand their art. Where painters had Picasso with his cubism, sculptors had Auguste Rodin, and musicians had Elvis Presley, photographers more or less stuck to the limitations of their field, notable exceptions being Alfred Stieglitz and Ansel Adams. However, in more modern times, some celebrity photographers […]

Disaster Photography

I’ve been checking the latest news stories — especially the ones about the missing Flight 370 and the recent mudslide in Washington state. There’s also the ongoing troubles in Turkey, Syria, and Egypt along with the Ukraine. And, in all of these places, photojournalists are there sending images of what’s going on back to those […]

Spring Photography

Spring is a great time of year. Even though it seems like, for some of us, Spring is determined not to show up until nearly summer-time, it’s still a much better time of year than the long, cold, dark days of winter. Spring is alive and ripe and filled with color and warmth. The end […]

Announcing the New Samsung NX Mini Mirrorless Camera

Samsung, never one to be outdone when it comes to innovation in cameras, just announced their latest NX camera, a mini mirrorless. While the specs are pretty intense, the coolest thing about this camera is that it will be the smallest interchangeable lens camera out on the market. It’s practically a pocket-sized DSLR. And, if […]

VSCO Announces $100K Scholarship Fund

From the “this is pretty nifty” corner of the Internet comes this article about Visual Supply Company, the makers of the VSCO Cam smartphone app, have set up a scholarship for artistic and mobile photographers. Now, normally, when we talk about mobile photography or smartphone apps, it’s in the context of a brand new area […]

The Shared Experience of Art and Photography

A post I read over at The Online Photographer has gotten me to thinking about the experience that is shared between the creator and the audience in both art and photography. The audience will almost always walk away from the image with impressions that the artist never intended to make. Sometimes, those impressions are exactly […]

Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey

If you missed the premiere of this awesome show last night, you can catch it tonight on National Geographic at 9/10 Eastern. Trust me, it is worth your while to watch this and record it for posterity so that this series doesn’t survive only in bootlegged editions like the first one from 1980 did. Last […]

Things Not To Do As A Photographer

Photography is both a profession and a hobby for a lot of people. With the proliferation of built-in cameras in smartphones and tablets, it’s become inevitable that photography itself has exploded to become one of the most common activities in day-to-day life. Most people don’t think of themselves as photographers, though, when they whip out […]

Baby Photography

Portrait photography of any kind requires a bit of patience and creativity. Not everyone is a model or a celebrity used to doing glamor shots and many of us (myself included) really don’t like having our photos taken. However, with teenagers and adults, the practice of portrait photography is a bit simpler since they can […]