Group Stock Photography

Taking photos of large groups of people — such as at family gatherings, business meetings, conventions, etc — can be very tricky. And, while this article over at Improve Photography has a lot of great advice on how to get better photos of groups, the photos its using literally set my teeth on edge. It’s […]

Memorial Day

All gave some. Some gave all. Today, we honor those who have paid the price for our freedom. Today is Memorial Day in the United States. While many take today to barbeque, get together with their families, and enjoy the warming weather, it is also a day of remembrance for all who fought and died […]

Working With the Sun in Photography

This weekend will be Memorial Day weekend and that’s when many of us here in the United States consider summer to start — regardless of what the calendar and the moon say. Summer photography means generally more light, brighter light, and more heat needs to be taken into account when doing any kind of outdoor […]

Musician and Band Photography Tips

With summer on its way, there are plenty of music festivals being held all over the United States and Europe. Many new bands and even some well-established bands will be headlining events in order to perform before their fans. And, with the mobile photography becoming a thing among the younger generations, you can be certain […]

Aerial Photography Tools

Aerial photography has long been one of the provinces reserved only to those who had the means to get a camera up in the air. While it has been possible to put a light-weight camera on a remote controlled airplane, it also requires a lot of skill and finesse to work the controls so that […]

Photo History: World War I

One of my favorite news sources is InFocus from Atlantic Magazine. Today, I saw that they’re doing a series on photos of the World War One. The first World War (or the Great War as most Europeans call it) is actually a lot more important than many people realize. If it hadn’t been for Europe […]