Quick Outdoor Photography Tips

Summer is beginning to wind down and people are hurrying to take their last-minute vacations before school starts back up in August and September. One feature of these end-of-season vacations is that they will generally involve a lot of outdoor photography. So, to ensure that you get the best photos during the brightest part of […]

Red Carpet Photography

One field of photography that is both famous and infamous is celebrity photography. As with every branch of photography, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about capturing images of celebrities — especially if you’re hoping to do it as a field of photography and not just as a fan (most […]

The Art of Selfies

With more and more people having smartphones with built-in cameras or low-cost point and shoots, selfies — photos of the person taking the photo — are officially on their way to becoming a “thing.” Most selfies are quickly snapped, involve either just the phone’s owner or the owner and a friend or two, have little […]

Summer Care for Your Camera

It’s officially summer and in some places, that means the temperatures are hot enough to fry an egg on the asphalt (but don’t do it. It leaves a huge mess). Most cameras are fairly rugged when it comes to dealing with normal temperature ranges but there are still a few things that any photographer should […]