Red Light Camera Woes

Have any of you heard the story about a man who was caught running a red light by a traffic camera? The camera got a photo of his license plate which the police mailed to him along with the ticket. The man responded by mailing back a photo of the money to pay the fine. […]

Police and Photography: Pros and Cons

In the wake of several incidents, the most recent being the events in Ferguson, Missouri, there has been much more discussion about requiring police to have and use dashcams and (in some places) portable or wearable digital video cameras in order to have a video and audio record of every encounter they have during the […]

Learning the Night Sky

Since there are so many astronomy-related events coming up in the next few months, I promised you an explanation of how to find out where to see things in the night sky. After spending a lot of time looking through incredibly confusing star charts and making images that were great…but you had to know what […]

Can’t Wait for Autumn? 8 Tips to Master Fall Photography this Year

How to Master Fall Photography - Beach Camera Blog

Even though summer is still in swing and autumn won’t be setting in for over a month, the time has come to start planning any trips you might make to do some special fall photography. In the United States, along the northeastern seaboard, the trees and forests that are native to the region do put […]

Supermoon and Astronomical Events

On Monday night, the moon made its closest approach to Earth for 2014. As the moon was full at the time, this event was called “the Supermoon” and was an opportunity for some great lunar and astrophotography. However, don’t worry if you hear all kinds of doomsday scenarios about a supermoon — instead, read up […]

Shark Photography

Even though the summer is beginning to draw to a close, there is still plenty of time to get some great underwater photography done. While many photographers — especially those who are new to underwater photography — will stick with photographing coral reefs, downed ships, fish, and dolphins, those who are bit more experienced may […]

Appropriate Photography Behavior at Memorials

There are places that can sober anyone when their names are spoken. Gettysburg. Verdun. Normandy. Auschwitz. Iwo Jima. The poppy fields outside of Flanders. The Highland Clearances Memorial. The USS Arizona. The Vietnam Wall. These places all contain commemorations of some of the most horrific evils that men can inflict upon each other. That makes […]