360 Panoramas: Tokyo Tower

Just recently, a friend sent me a link to a group of photographers who specialize in doing 360 degree panoramas of cities. I’ve spent some time checking them out and they are good. Really good. Their latest work is a 360 degree view of Tokyo as seen from the Tokyo Tower. This image weighs in at 150-gigapixels. That is, to use a technical term, really ginormous.

The group behind these panoramas, 360Cities, is composed of six people who live and work in the Czech Republic. They take submissions from photographers around the world and work with them to create panoramas. The Tokyo Tower panorama is their second largest panorama to date and was taken with a Canon 7D DSLR with a 400mm telephoto lens mounted on a Clauss Rodeon, a special gigapixel robot that could move and shoot quickly, letting the camera capture more than one photo a second. The panorama is comprised of images taken from three different vantage points at the top of the Tokyo Tower.

If you get dizzy easily or suffer from vertigo, you may want to be careful about adjusting this embedded panorama.

You can view more of this group’s spectacular panoramas by visiting their blog here.