Check This Out: A New Camera On the Block

History Geek was too busy nerdraging over being defeated by the “unable to log in” boss in Diablo III last night to remember to swing by the store and grab some plutonium so our adventure through photography history is on a temporary hiatus until the gamers figure out the best tactics for overcoming this encounter. So, instead of an article about the history of photography, you ladies and gents get to hear about some of the latest news in cameras — coming at you straight out of Japan!

Sony’s just recently released a new one: the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX30. It comes with all kinds of bells and whistles such as 18.2-megapixel — putting it a bit above the rest of the crowd in the megapixel wars. It also packs a high speed AF (auto-focus) so that you can get great images even in low light. The 20x/40x Clear Image Zoom doubles the range of the optical zoom while keeping the picture clear and crisp. Also, the DSC-HX30 has full HD 1080/60p video capabilities and can record while taking still images. For those of you who live life on the adventurous side, this camera includes a GPS and Compass functionality so that you can show your friends and family exactly where you took the photos. This Cyber-shot can also do 3D Still Images and 3D Sweep Panorama™ mode and comes with a 3.0″ display.

But wait, there’s more (as the late, great Billy Mays would say)!

The Cyber-shot DSC-HX30 comes with WiFi, allowing you to quickly upload photos and videos directly to social media sites, back them up on a network-connected PC, or view them on a large screen TV. WiFi-enabled smartphones and tablets can also pull images from your camera and upload them to social media. Talk about taking sharing to the next level! And if that’s not enough, this camera comes complete with a plethora of modes to help you achieve professional-looking images without all of the expensive professional-level gear. Superior Auto mode, Anti-Blink Function, Natural Flash, Optical SteadyShot™, Face Detection technology, Soft Skin mode, Motion Detection, Smile Shutter™ technology, Intelligent Scene Recognition Mode, and Background Defocus — this camera’s got it all and makes it a simple matter of snapping the shutter to get great looking images to add to your collection.

As a final bonus, this camera looks like the spheres from Portal. Now, seriously, how could you say no to a camera that comes with that feature included?

— da Bird