Desert Island Photography Bag

If you were to be trapped on a desert island or shipped off to a remote location, what are the top five items you would carry in your photography bag? For the purposes of this exercise, pretend that all of your food, clothing, and shelter needs will be taken care of so you don’t have to carry anything with you other than your camera and assorted gear. If you want to be really creative, you can also pretend that everything you’re going to carry would be put into a magical bag so that the weight is negligible.

For me, I would take the following items:

1. Sony Alpha 65 — This is a great camera loaded with lots of features. With the default lens (18-135mm Zoom Lens), you can get the most for your money. The controls are fairly easy to learn and use and offer you a wide range of options from HDR to HD video, sweeps, panoramas, and object tracking. Not to mention that it also has advanced anti-dust technology which makes it perfect for a desert island.

2. Zeikos TR59B 59″ Full Size Photo / Video Tripod— If I’m going to be stuck on a deserted island, I’m going to make use of the fact that there will be absolutely no light pollution to get some great astrophotography done. Since there’s no way I’m going to hold a camera for hours and hours on end getting long-exposure shots of distant stars and galaxies, I’ll be happy to put the thing on a tripod and let it do the work for me. Also, if there were animals sharing the island with me (and if they weren’t inclined towards attacking me), I could probably get some great stills and video of them using this.

3. Sony HVLF60M External Flash/Video Light — Great for low-light or no-light situations or for capturing video. With this flash, I could take interior and night-time pictures of the Gilligan’s Island-type house I’d probably wind up building and all of the cool things I’d have inside of it. Also, if the desert island has some caves, I could use this flash to not only light my way through them but to also get good images of them. Caves are cool.

4. Sony SAL55200 – DT 55-200mm f4-5.6 Compact Telephoto Zoom Lens — Harking back to the aforementioned “neighbors” I might share the island with, if they were the kind with sharp teeth, I’d prefer to get my images of them from a distance. Also, with a telephoto lens, I’ll bet I could get some great shots of distant cosmological phenomena.

5. Sony SAL50M28 – 50mm f/2.8 Macro Lens — Not everything on the island will be big or something I’d want to keep my distance from. For smaller animals, colorful insects, or flora, I’d like to have a macro lens on hand to get some really good close-up shots with a shallow depth-of-field.

So, what about you? What would you be carrying? Let us know in the comments below!

— da Bird