Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween today. Halloween is one of my all-time favorite holidays. Candy, costumes, and cute-but-creepy kids going around trick-or-treating. Of course, with the storm that blew through this part of the country, Halloween has been delayed because conditions are still too treacherous for the little tykes to be out on candy collection duty. Don’t worry; they’ll get to go out very soon when the situation is more conducive to it.

Halloween is also a great holiday for photography. Most people think of the “big” holidays — Thanksgiving and Christmas — as being the best time for photos with the family but I would argue that Halloween tops them both. Every Halloween, kids dress in different costumes. Every Halloween, the decorations are a bit different. Every Halloween, things are similar to but not the same as the years past. Halloween is also a very changeable holiday what with its position in the year. Generally by Thanksgiving, fall is nearing its end and conditions are fairly wintry. But Halloween? Some Halloweens are summery in their warmth while others are chilly but not cold. Sometimes all of the leaves are off the trees and some years the leaves are still changing from green to red, brown, or yellow.

Halloween is also one of the last holidays that gets people out of the house and gets them to meet their neighbors. For all the urban legends about dangerous treats, Halloween is one of the last holidays where it’s acceptable to go up, knock on a stranger’s door, and demand candy. And strangers, being ordinary people for the most part, love it and fill kids’ bags and buckets with all kinds of sugary goodness and comment on their costumes.

So, this Halloween, whether it’s tonight for you or still to be decided, take your camera and capture some of the holiday. Thanksgivings and Christmases run together but Halloweens always remain distinct in my memories. How about yours?