Introducing D.A. Bird

Sheesh, do you guys have any idea how hard it is to type on keyboards designed for humans? Seriously?

Well, this is D.A. Bird or “da Bird” here. If you’re wondering what D.A. stands for…don’t. Just…don’t. Only the parents call me by my full name. Everyone else just calls me “Bird.”

Right, so, I’m here to tell you guys just how great the group at Beach Camera is. And they are great. I get a nice job, my own computer with a keyboard that works with my beak, and all the bread crumbs I could eat. What’s not to love? Also, no one wants to tick me off — especially not after they wash their cars. And all I have to do is write their blog for them. Win/win. And no, bribery was not involved in writing this paragraph.

Okay, I hear some of you saying “but Bird, we want to know more about you.” So, I’ll chuck you a crumb here now before I get back to working on other things.

Things I like: Breadcrumbs, the beach, comments, the sky (especially at night), shiny, freshly-washed cars.

Things I don’t like: Rain, people calling me by my full name, cold weather, that guy who keeps eating eggs at lunch.

And that’s about it for me. I’m a simple creature at heart.

da Bird