Kerry Skarbakka: The Struggle to Right Oneself

Earlier this week I stumbled across an interesting photography exhibit by Kerry Skarbakka. Called “The Struggle to Right Oneself” it consists of photographs of himself when he fell or jumped and was suspended completely in midair. Mr. Skarbakka used a variety of rigs and harnesses to protect the himself while he captured his photographs. His aim in this exhibit was to explore his own questions concerning the nature of control and the human condition. Mr. Skarbakka was inspired by the philosopher Heidegger’s description of the human experience as one of constant falling and that it is up to the individual to catch himself. His full exhibit and his thoughts on the experience can be found at his website.

Skarbakka does not consider himself a stuntman of any kind and took remarkable precautions to avoid injuring himself while shooting this exhibit. His poses and photographs should not be replicated without similar precautions.

— da Bird