Nature’s Glory

Photographers often go to the most picturesque settings to try to capture great images. When most people think of beautiful places to visit and photograph, they think of beaches, lush forests, painted hills, or other calm and colorful places. They don’t think “active volcano.” Unless they’re this guy. QT Luong spent years gathering images of the Hawaiian volcanoes and putting them together in this time-lapse video. The images are amazing — especially the ones where lava is flowing down. Volcanoes are often looked at as being terrible forces of nature that bring devastation down on those around them. Almost everyone alive has heard the story of Pompeii and how it and all of its people were destroyed in a very short time when Vesuvius erupted. Last week, a volcano in Mexico was caught on camera as it erupted. It’s rare for anyone to want to get close to the caldera of a volcano — especially and active one — or for people to see volcanoes, eruptions, and lava flows as beautiful. However, thanks to QT Luong who did get close to them, we can see some rather breath-taking images of volcanoes and enjoy their beauty instead of viewing them only as destructive powers with smoke and ash.

To get these images and put them together in this video, QT used a Canon EOS 5D Mark 2 a Mark 3 camera with Canon 24/1.4, 24-105, 100-400, and Nikkor 12-24 lenses.

You can view more of QT Luong’s work at his website Terra Galleria.

— da Bird