New Cameras From Sony!

We’ve just set up the pre-orders for two new cameras from Sony: the Sony Alpha SLT-A58K and the Sony NEX-3NL. Both of these cameras boast great new features, making them ideal for novices wishing to move beyond their first point-and-shoot and into the ever-widening world of photography.

The Sony NEX-3NL is a compact system camera that comes with many great and useful features. It sports a 16.1 megapixel Exmor APS-C image sensor. This sensor allows the camera to capture photos with wonderful depth of color and sharpness. This model also comes with the all-new SELP1650 lens with a motorized zoom lever and body control which allows for one-handed photography and smooth zooming even when shooting self portraits. The LCD screen tilts up to 180°, letting you get creative with your photography and the angles of attack in your images. The NEX-3NL is also the world’s smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera, making it infinitely portable for great action, wildlife, or landscape shots. The ISO 16000 sensitivity and advanced noise reduction allow for great twilight or low-light photography and the built-in Guide Number 6 Flash can help shed light on a dark scene.

The NEX-3NL also comes with several great video-capture features including the ability to take full HD movies shooting at 1080/60i/24 frames per second in Blu-Ray friendly AVCHD format or in 1080/30 frames per second in MP4 format for computer users. This Sony camera also comes with a plethora of modes and settings to help you frame and capture the images you want to keep. The Sony NEX-3NL is available for pre-order for the low price of $498.00 and is scheduled to ship as soon as Sony releases the camera.

The next camera in the line-up is the Sony Alpha SLT-A58K. This DSLR packs well outside of its weight class with a 20.1 megapixel Exmor HD APS image sensor and an advanced 15-point AF system with 3 cross-sensors, allowing for unparalleled sharpness and focus in photography. The translucent mirror technology inside the camera accelerates the AF performance, allowing the camera to capture images faster and more clearly where other DSLRs would be in the middle of focusing and would miss the shot. The SVGA OLED Tru-Finder and the large 2.7′ tilting LCD screen make it easy to capture and frame the images you want to keep while a diverse array of modes and features lets you move through the settings quickly and efficiently. Like the NEX-3NL, the Alpha SLT-A58K has an ISO sensitivity of up to 16000 with advanced noise reduction, letting you take great low-light photos. This DSLR also allows for the capture of 1080/60i/24 frames per second full HD video in Blu-Ray friendly AVCHD format or for 1080/30 frames per second movies in computer-friendly MP4 format.

The Sony Alpha SLT-A58K is available for pre-order for only $598.00 and is scheduled to ship in April 2013.