New From Sony: Sony Action Cam!

Word just came from Sony that they have announced the release of their latest camera: the Sony Action Camera! Aimed at adrenaline junkies and sports enthusiasts, the Sony Action Camera will let you capture the best video of the action while you’re in the midst of it! This camera comes with an adhesive helmet mount, a waterproof ruggedized housing, and a universal tri-pod mount. Additional accessories include more adhesive mounts, a band mount — great for skateboarders or bikers — and a clamp mount designed for attaching onto goggle straps for great underwater footage! The large and easy-to-press stop and go button is designed to be pressed with the bare hands or with thick gloves, meaning that you don’t have to risk frostbite when filming your trek down the Alpine slopes.

Not only can you take this camera with you where ever you go — down the slopes, on the waves, under the sea, or into the air — but you can capture some of the best footage ever with the Exmor R CMOS sensor and the ultra-wide angle Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens! This sensor — the most sensitive available in a camera this size — lets you capture high-quality footage even in low-light settings. The Carl Zeiss lenses, usually found on high-end DSLRs, offer you the chance to capture breath-taking panoramas up to 170 degrees in scope!

The Sony Action camera also includes the ability to capture the action in high quality full HD 1080p as well as having full image-stabilization to reduce camera-shake and make your videos clear and easy to watch instead of blurry and difficult to view. With this Point-of-View Action Camera, you’ll have excellent footage of your adventures whether you’re skydiving or surfboarding! The built-in stereo microphone captures the sound of the action and the built-in Wi-Fi (on the HDR-AS15 only) lets you broadcast your video over the Internet without having to drag your computer out with you where ever your life may take you! And, with the 4x Slow Motion video capture mode, you’ll be able to get the clearest, most precise shots of the action without getting caught up in the confusion of the moment. Want to know exactly which horse crossed the line first? Or to see exactly how that skateboarding trick was done? Set the camera to capture in Slow Motion and you’ll be able to see it with none of the jerkiness that often comes with slowing the action down in other cameras.

You can back up your videos to your computer with the built-in Wi-Fi (available on some models) or by using the HDMI extension to connect your camera to your computer. Or you can playback your movies to your smartphone or tablet via the free PlayMemories Mobile app and then share them with the world over your social networking site of choice!

This camera is currently scheduled to begin shipping on September 23 so pre-order yours today! What kind of action will you capture with your Sony Action Camera?

— da Bird