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Passion to Pro Photography: Creating Your Portfolio - Beach Camera Blog

Passion to Pro Photography: Creating Your Online Portfolio

There comes a time in every photographer’s life where they have to decide whether they want to continue shooting photos on the weekend or turn that passion into a career. If you fall into the latter camp, you’re going to need to start building a powerful portfolio to showcase your work. Not sure where to […]

An Intro to Wedding Photography - Beach Camera Blog

An Intro to Wedding Photography

With all the countless hours spent planning, preparing and holding a wedding ceremony, it’s no wonder why some of the best digital photographers in the business are wedding photographers. This coveted role has the potential to take a photographer all over the world, shooting couples on the biggest and most joyous occasion of their lives—and […]

A Day in the Life of a Professional Photographer - Beach Camera Blog

Professional Photographer: A Day in the Life

The movies always make the professional photographer’s job look easy—it’s all glamour shots, travel, creative angles and drinks with models. Of course as with every job, Hollywood tends to let its creative license go wild and ignore the nitty gritty reality of work. Professional photography is more than the photo shoot—it’s post processing, it’s marketing, […]

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Food Photography

National Ice Cream Month: Ice Cream Photography - Beach Camera Blog

How to Take Mouthwatering Photos of Ice Cream!

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as downing a dollop of ice cream on a hot summer day. Don’t you wish there was a way you could capture this moment and keep it with you for a lifetime? July is National Ice Cream Month, and what better way is there for a photography enthusiast to celebrate, than to brush up on their food photography and invest in … Continue Reading:

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5 Great Mobile Photography Tips

As more and more people become comfortable using their smartphone's built-in cameras for grabbing quick snapshots and using apps like Instagram to share them with other mobile photographers over the Internet, mobile photography is becoming a broader … Continue Reading:

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