Photography Blunders

Photographers are human beings just like any other professional and sometimes they – as anyone else can – can exhibit bouts of common sense that make observers wonder just how they manage to get out of bed in the morning. However, usually when it’s a photographer involved in making a monumental blunder, chances are it will be recorded on film (or memory card) for posterity. So, what are the five most epic photography blunders we’ve come across? And have you ever engaged in any of them?

1) Isn’t that supposed to shade the lens? — Some photographers will shell out loads of money for new lenses and then will put the lens hood on wrong so that the lens gets a lot of extra light which can cause the photo to come out overexposed.

2) Um, it’s mighty dark in here — This one is a classic that I’m sure everyone has done at some point. You’ve got your camera and you’re ready to record the big moment and you get the photos snapped just in time…to realize that you forgot to take the lens cap off.

3) Where are the photos? — Okay, you didn’t forget to remove the lens cap but you did forget to do something else. Namely, load the film or the memory card in the camera. This isn’t such a huge deal these days with cameras having more and more on-board memory but it was something that I was well-known for back in my younger days

4) The camera will magically fix it — This is something that people who over-rely on Automatic Mode tend to fall prey to — the belief that the chip and sensor inside the camera are some kind of all-powerful, benevolent photography beings who will be able to magically edit out lens flares, ghosting, blurriness, under or over-exposure, and just generally bad photography habits.

5) It said it was waterproof… — Not reading the specs on a camera is a good way to get into trouble easily. Many waterproof cameras can only go down 30 feet at most. After that, the pressure differential causes problems and they’ll spring leaks. Some will not work well in salt water or water with a lot of silt in it. Be sure to check your owner’s manual before strapping on your waterproof camera and going cave diving or something like that.

So, those are five of the most epic (and easily avoided) blunders we’ve seen. What are some of the funniest blunders you’ve seen a photographer make? Let us know in the comments below!

— da Bird