Spring Photography

Spring is a great time to get some beautiful photos added to your portfolio. With the flowers in bloom, the sun shining for longer, and the world warming up to tolerable temperatures, more and more people are getting active and going outdoors. The next two weeks host several major religious celebrations — Passover and Easter — which also have some very photogenic components. However, before you break out your camera and start snapping away, take some time to plan the best way for you to capture the images you want.

1) Consider going off the beaten path. Everyone is going to hit the garden and the local park. Instead, try finding a nature trail or some forested area where you can find real wildflowers. Just be careful not to trespass and not to inadvertently break federal law by picking protected flowers.

2) When capturing images of baby animals, remember that mothers tend to be protective…and not too far away.

3) Don’t feed the animals. Yes, it seems mean, especially if they walk up to the car (or bench) and make cute little human-ish gestures with their paws. Still, don’t feed them. If they get too used to people providing food, they won’t forage for themselves and that could not only cause them to be unhealthy (or to attack a human later), it could cause a population imbalance among their prey.

4) While not as dynamic in the color contrasts as fall is, spring is still an excellent time to get some very colorful photography done. Find a hill or cliff overlooking a well-populated forest and you’ll see what I mean.

5) Hummingbirds make great photographic subjects.

6) As spring gets closer to summer, you’ll get the chance to capture much more diverse and differing images than you would in any other season — including fall.

If you do get out to do some photography, share your photos with us. We love seeing them on our Facebook page!

— da Bird