Urban Photography

When most people hear “urban photography” they think of street photography or photos of massive skyscrapers taken from the ground up. However, urban photography also encompasses cityscape photography. And, when things line up perfectly, a photographer can capture an image that is beyond iconic and moves into the realm of “epic.”

Over at GizModo, Ashley Feinberg has a great article with several beautiful reflective photos of cities throughout the world. Captured both during the day and night, these photos show cityscapes on the border of water. Several commenters have posted their own stunning images in the section below the article. Head over there to check them out and let us know which are your favorites.

Urban photography — especially if you’re trying to capture a cityscape like one of these — requires a good bit of luck. However, you can generally increase your chances by checking the weather forecast. Aim for a clear day or night. If you’re trying for a reflective image, then get to know the area you’re going to be shooting. The better you know it, the better your images will be. And, if you’ve ever captured an image like one of these, share it with us over on Facebook. We love it when our readers share great images with us!

— da Bird