Weatherproofing Cameras

Today, it’s quite easy to go out and find a waterproof camera. However, waterproof cameras do not come in all shapes, sizes, and models. For some photographers, their camera of choice is not waterproof meaning they have to spend a good bit of money to get it waterproofed or, at the very least, weatherproofed.

But what if there was a simpler, cheaper method of weatherproofing your camera? A method you could use on just about any camera? Say, something that you could knock together at home using common household items. Well, worry no more. Your camera can be made temporarily weatherproof with just a plastic bag and some rubber bands! Digicamhelp has a great guide with step-by-step instructions on how to make this happen. We’ll outline them below but we do suggest you head over there and check them out before setting up your temporary weatherproofing rig.

1) Put a UV filter on the camera lens and carefully cut a hole in the bag to fit around the lens. Push the lens through the hole, careful not to stretch or rip the plastic. Secure the plastic to the lens ring with a rubber band.

2) Pull the rest of the plastic over the camera body. You can secure it further by using rubber bands on either side of the camera body. However, do be careful when placing the bands to ensure that any settings or buttons are not changed by the rubber bands.

If this solution is a little too MacGyver for you, you can purchase rain sleeves from many different photography suppliers. Either way, this is one method you can use to keep your camera functioning well even in the worst weather!

— da Bird