Tuesday, 30 of June of 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up

Weekly Wrap-Up

It’s Friday. And it’s the 13th. Among you humans, some of you get really freaked out by that. I’ve still not figured out why unless it’s that you’re watching far too many scary movies with homicidal maniacs in ski masks. I asked the Geek Club about it and they all just rolled their eyes. History Geek attempted to get me up to speed on the history behind it but, to be honest, his attempted explanation just left me more confused.

At any rate: it’s Friday! Yay! Tomorrow is Saturday. It looks like it’s going to be a rainy weekend here in New Jersey but that’s not a bad thing. It means that things might finally cool off a bit. And, speaking of cooling off, there’s been plenty of cool things going on over at @BeachCamera this week. Here are some of the highlights if you haven’t been following us there.

That’s all folks. Don’t get too freaked out on your drive home tonight. We want to see all of you back on Monday!

— da Bird