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JVC BR-HD50U PRO-HD Video Recorder/Player
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JVC JVC BR-HD50U PRO-HD Video Recorder/Player

Condition: Brand new, USA Warranty

The companion model to the GY-HD100, this HDV/DV spooler is designed to transfer video and audio data to a non linear editing system. Optimized for use with a wide variety of existing systems and formats, this unit features switchable HDV and DV modes and analog outputs. You can also connect it to a plasma or LCD panels equipped with an HDMI connector and use it as a low-cost viewer. With its low cost and high flexibility, the BR-HD50 is ideal for any facility looking for a smooth upgrade path from standard definition to HD.


Professional Design

HDV recording
As the HDV format uses the same recording track pitch as Professional DV, the BR-HD50 can record signals in either standard or high definition depending on the user's needs.

Multi-format output/Cross-converter function
A sophisticated cross-converter function enables output not only of 720p signals, but also 1080i, 480/576p and 480/576i signals. Plus, thanks to switchable HDV and DV recording mode functionality along with DVCAM playback, you'll have no problems adding this recorder/player to your existing editing system.

HDV international compatibility
Switch between HDV 60 Hz or 50 Hz base as required, allowing recording and playback of 720/25p and 576/50p in addition to 720/24p/30p and 480/60p. This makes it easy to work with internationally sourced material and transfer it to a non-linear system for editing and then archiving to tape. You can also record to Standard DV or Mini DV tape in either HDV 60 Hz or 50 Hz base format.
*Cannot be used as an HDV 60 Hz/50 Hz converter. The BR-HD50U can record and play back signals in both HDV 60 Hz and 50 Hz formats.

Recording system
The BR-HD50U can record HDV format 720/30p/25p/24p, 480/60p or 576/50p video and DV format 480/60i and 480/24p video.

Standard DV/Mini DV compatible mechanism
Proven on Professional DV VCRs, this mechanism provides not only improved running stability, but also accommodates both Standard DV and Mini DV format cassettes without any adapter.

DVCAM playback capability (SD)
DVCAM recordings can be played back directly on the BR-HD50. This makes it easy to use DVCAM recordings as source material for editing.

Stable high picture quality

Auto error correction system

JVC has developed an auto error correction system that operates on a frame-by-frame basis to ensure accurate error compensation during playback. After optimally calibrating the playback RF waveform with a pre-filter circuit, the VCO (voltage control oscillator) control voltage is changed so that the data reading clock phase is shifted to the position where the error rate is lowest. The result is accurate, consistent suppression of block noise and reliable, professional-standard performance at all times.

Sweeper heads
During recording and playback, to reduce the block noise which is caused by dust adhering to the heads, our HDV/DV camcorder and recorders incorporate an advanced drum assembly with specially designed "sweeper" heads. These dummy heads sweep off any magnetic material dropped by the tape or any dust that may have entered from outside the unit.

Versatile interfaces

The BR-HD50 is equipped with an all-in-one HDMI output for direct digital connection to the latest high-definition projector and LCD displays.

RS-422A interface
For compatibility with the widest range of editing systems, the BR-HD50 is equipped with an industry-standard RS-422A interface, allowing easy integration with high-grade NLE systems.

IEEE 1394 interface
For lossless dubbing and recording of both HD and SD programs, compressed HD (MPEG-2) or SD (DV) digital signals can be input or output to or from external devices such as a non-linear editing system. A front panel switch allows you to switch easily between SD and HD.

Versatile analog connections
In addition to IEEE 1394 input/output, the BR-HD50 is equipped with analog component (BNC) output connectors for HD and SD. Y/C input/output connectors (SD mode) and composite input/output (BNC) connectors (SD mode) are also available.

User-friendly design

Large full counter
A big 8-digit LED display on the front panel displays time code, user bits and VTR status.

Audio indicator
This indicator lights whenever audio signals are input. Also, it provides a convenient way to check for the presence of audio signals during tape playback.

High-speed time code search/blank search
The built-in time code generator provides preset, rec run and regen time codes. The DV 20x search function (100x max. in the FF or REW mode) and the HD 8.5x forward search function (6.5x in reverse), provides super-fast access to any desired point on the tape.

Continuous recording
When a camcorder is connected to the BR-HD50 via the IEEE 1394 connector, the BR-HD50 will start recording 5 minutes before the tape in the camcorder ends. This enables continuous shooting for extended periods with no breaks in the recording.

On-screen menu
Systematic, easy-to-understand menu screens simplify setting and operation procedures. Menu setting can be done using either the buttons on the front panel.

Other features
Lock audio (16-bit, 48 kHz only)
Time code reader/generator
Headphone connector
Contact closure recording
Repeat playback
Wired remote control


Camera section

Image pickup device:  1/3" interline-transfer CCDs
Color separation optical system: F1.4, 3-color separation prism
Number of total pixels: Approx. 1,110,000 pixels
Color bars: SMPTE type
Sync system: Internal sync (built-in SSG)
Lens mount: 1/3" bayonet system
ND filter:  1/4ND, +1/16ND
Gain: 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 dB, ALC
Electronic shutter: Standard value: 59.94 Hz
Fixed values: 7.5 - 10,000 Hz, 11 steps (HDV HD30p/HDV SD60p/DV 60i mode)
6 - 10,000 Hz, 12 steps (HDV HD24p/ DV 24p mode)
Variable scan: 60.2 to 1,998.0 Hz (HDV HD30p/HDV SD60p/DV 60i mode),
48.12 to 1,998.0 Hz (HDV 24p/DV 24p mode)


Recording format: 720/24p,720/25p,720/30p,576/50p,480/60p,480/24p,480/60i
[HDV] Video signal recording format:  HDV720p format,8-bit,19.7 Mbps
Compression:MPEG-2 video (profile & level:MP@H-14)
[DV] Video signal recording format: DV format, 8-bit, 25 Mbps
Compression: DV compression, 4:1:1


[HDV] Audio signal recording format: MPEG1 Audio Layer II
[DV] Audio signal recording format: 16-bit (locked audio), 48 kHz PCM for 2 channels or 12-bit, 32 kHz PCM for 4 channels


Video HDV Video outputs Analog component: Y:1.0 V (p-p),75 ohms (BNC)
PB/PR:0.7 V (p-p),75 ohms (BNC)
DV Video inputs Analog composite: 1.0 V (p-p),75 ohms (BNC)
Analog Y/C: Y:1.0 V (p-p),75 ohms
C:0.286 V (p-p),75 ohms (4-pin)
Video outputs Analog composite: 1.0 V (p-p),75 ohms (BNC)
Analog Y/C: Y:1.0 V (p-p),75 ohms
C:0.286 V (p-p),75 ohms (4-pin)
Analog component: Y:1.0 V (p-p),75 ohms (BNC)
PB/PR:0.7 V (p-p),75 ohms (BNC)
Audio Audio inputs: Line:-8 dBs,10 kohms,unbalanced (RCA)
Audio output: Line:-8 dBs,1 k-ohm,unbalanced (RCA)
Headphones:-? to -15 dBs (8 ohms) (Stereo mini jack)
Misc. HDMI output: 19-pin
IEEE 1394 interface: 6-pin
RS-422 interface: D-sub 9-pin
Serial remote interface: Mini jack


Power requirements: DC 12 V (from provided 12 V,3.5 A AC adapter)
Power consumption: Approx.20 W
Dimensions: 8-3/8" (W) x 3-1/2" (H) x 12-7/8" (D)/212 (W) x 88 (H) x 327 (D) mm
Weight: Approx. 8.6 lbs./3.9 kg
Temperature Operating: 41 degrees F to 104 degrees F/5 degrees C to 40 degrees C
Storage: -4 degrees F to 140 degrees F/-20 degrees C to 60 degrees C
Humidity Operating:30% to 80% RH
Storage:85% RH or less
Usable tape: Standard/Mini DV tape
Tape speed: 18.8 mm/sec.
Record/play time: 276 minutes (with LA-DV276PRO tape)
63 minutes (with an M-DV63PROHD tape)

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