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Ultrabook™ _ Inspired by Intel®
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Ultrabooks vs regular laptops/notebooks :
similarities and differences

Ultrabooks have hit the technology market with a bang this fall, being probably the most ‘’hip’’ computer devices of the moment. They are slim, light, thin, fashionable and powerful and some even say that they could become more popular than ‘’regular’’ laptops.

In the following lines we will discuss the similarities and differences between recently released ultrabooks and good, old-fashioned laptops and we will also try to find out whether these new ultraportable computers could revolutionize, as some say, the technology market.


What are ultrabooks and what are laptops

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Laptops, as probably all of you know, are personal computers for mobile use and come in a wide range of different shapes and forms. They can sport displays with sizes of between 13 and 20 inches and they can weigh anywhere from three to 18 pounds.

The most popular laptops right now are probably the 15-inchers, which come with decent enough technical specifications to replace a desktop in terms of gaming performance or running multimedia content, but which are also light and slim enough to be transported from place to place.

Ultrabooks, on the other hand, are more ‘’specific’’ portable computers, being slim, light and thin, as well as powerful and elegant. They sport screens of either 11.6 or 13.3-inches and they come with low-voltage snappy processors from Intel, as well as very strong batteries.


Ultrabooks vs laptops-similarities

An ultrabook is basically a laptop or a specific laptop and therefore the number of similarities between the new ultraportable computers from Intel and ‘’regular’’ notebooks is very large.

We have mentioned the SSDs and the Intel Sandy Bridge processors as ultrabook trademarks, but the fact of the matter is that these can be found on a couple of laptops as well.

Ultrabooks vs laptops-differences

The number one advantage that ultrabooks hold or should hold in front of regular laptops right now should be the portability. The Acer S3, Asus UX31, Lenovo U300S and Toshiba Z830 all weigh around three pounds, while the 11-inch Asus UX21 goes for even less (2.4 pounds).

Secondly, ultrabooks come with great batteries, capable of lasting several hours more than your usual 15 or 17-inch notebook. The Asus UX31 and the Lenovo U300S, for example, can go for well over six hours between charges, based on regular use, while most of the regular laptops require plugging in every three of four hours.



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