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Extreme Photography: Storm Chasers

Please do not attempt to go out and capture photography in inclement weather without taking time to prepare yourself and your gear for the conditions. Also, please do not do this without having taken several safety courses and as many precautions as you can against injury. High winds and tornadoes are nothing to fool around with. Many people enjoy engaging in extreme activities. Things like bungee jumping, skydiving, cliff-climbing, and hang-gliding can all be great chances for photography as well as a way to get a real adrenaline rush. However, for some photographers, recreational activities are not enough. These photographers often join teams of storm chasers and spend many months out of the year chasing down thunderstorms and tornadoes in hopes of capturing images that are not only morbidly fascinating to look at but could also yield information that could improve early warning systems and construction methods to make it easier to survive in the wake of a massive tornado. The images that photographers with storm chasing teams capture are breath-taking. The images of the aftermath of a tornado, though, are often horrifying. The damage that tornadoes and thunderstorms can do to an area is devastating. However, the images and video captured can often help provide more information when added to weather balloons and scientific instruments launched that may, one day, lead to ways of better predicting where tornadoes will strike and what path they might take. -- da Bird Photo by Zachary Caron
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