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How to Properly Clean Your DSLR and Lenses

How to Properly Clean Your DSLR and Lenses

A camera is just like any other appliance in your home. It has moving parts and mechanisms, which must be kept free of dust particles, moisture, erosion, etc. This is also true for your camera lens. Lenses have rings which are moved manually to adjust focus. This can allow moisture, or dust particles into the minute spaces in-between. We’re going to show you how to safely clean your DSLR and lenses to keep them in perfect condition. Step 1 – “Read first, do later” should always be your motto with expensive camera equipment. Be sure to take a few minutes to review your camera’s manual for cleaning instruction, to ensure the model you own doesn’t have specific or unique instructions. Also be sure to roll-up your sleeves so that no fibers from your shirt can get caught in the camera body. Step 2- The most important tool you should carry in your camera kit is a lens cleaning cloth. Using this microfiber cloth, clean off the exterior of your camera body and lens first. Also, make sure to clean around the lens mount carefully with cotton swabs and cleaning solution to ensure that no dirt particles can get inside the camera body or lens, when you detach the lens mount. Step 3 - Be sure to clean the front glass on the lens with the cloth, as you clean the exterior of the camera. Always keep a cap on your lens mount or glass surface to avoid potential future particles to enter the mechanisms. Step 4 – Using the small air blower found in your cleaning kit from, clean around each crack and crevice of the lens’s rings and dials. Then take a small amount of cleaning fluid and add it to the cloth. Gently clean the glass on the lens and the entire exterior surface of the lens. Be sure to wipe away any excess fluid. Step 5 - Once you have ensured that you are working in a dust-free environment, you will remove the lens mount.  That way you can clean the camera body’s digital sensor. Be sure to clean gently around the inside of the camera body after removing the lens mount. This will ensure that you don’t damage any part of its moving mechanisms. Step 6 – Make sure that the camera power is on and the camera is fully charged. Set your camera mode to sensor cleaning. This will allow the shutter curtain to open revealing the digital sensor. Blow air onto the digital sensor’s defensive filtering element which is exposed. Step 7 - Once you’ve used the blower to detach any loose dirt particles, you can take your clean brush and gently sweep the surface. Then apply two drops of cleaning solution to a swab, and gently sweep the swab from left to right in one direction across the filtering element’s surface. Step 8 - Finally, once the surface is clean, exit the cleaning mode on your DSLR camera from and refit the lens onto the camera body. Keeping your DSLR and lenses clean is essential to maximizing image quality. Nonetheless, you should never clean more than you absolutely have to. It's always best to minimize contact with any fragile camera gear. Following these directions can help to ensure clean gear while minimizing the risk of damage.  
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