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How to Take Awesome Photos of Yourself as a Solo Traveler

How to Take Awesome Photos of Yourself as a Solo Traveler

Struggling to master the art of the selfie when traveling the world alone? Never fear, solo traveler! You can get some amazing photos when you are traveling alone. Just use these easy tips! Self-timer Possibly the simplest way of taking a photo of yourself when travelling alone is using the self-timer on your camera or phone. If you’re using this method, you will need a tripod or a flat even surface to rest your camera on. Bring a Tripod Selfie sticks will only get you so far. Bring a portable tripod like the Vanguard VEO Aluminum Travel Tripod from everywhere so you can capture a wide range of shots. If you just stick with your selfie stick, your photo collection will be packed with way too many close-up shots. Get a lightweight tripod and never leave home without it. It will transform your selfie collection. Use Rapid-Fire Shooting Whether you ask someone to take your photo or you use a tripod with a timer, your best bet is to use your camera’s rapid fire setting for flawless photos. It’ll give a lot of shots to choose from and dramatically increase your odds of getting a pic you love. Aerial Views For a truly different effect on your travel selfies, get some shots from above. Far above! Take some aerial shots using your ZeroTech DOBBY Mini Selfie Pocket Drone from and capture some dramatic scenery to compliment your selfies! Reflective surfaces Now, let’s start getting a little creative. How about using the reflective powers of sunglasses, car mirrors or water? Random body parts You are more than just a pretty face! You don’t need your whole body in the photo to prove you were there. How about a cute photo of your feet on a cool floor or your hand pointing toward something in the distance? Don’t Fear the Selfie Stick Yes, you will look like a tourist but that’s ok—you are one. Embrace it! Traveling is one of the greatest luxuries in life. Don’t be embarrassed to indulge wholeheartedly. Bring your replacement version of the selfie stick- the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Gimbal & Selfie Stick and flaunt it! Pull it out at every opportunity and snap away shamelessly. Ask for Help If you want to get the perfect shot, don’t be afraid to ask for help from strangers. Listen to your gut and only give your camera to someone who seems trustworthy. Make sure to help him or her out. Show a pic for inspiration, set up the framing, and have all of your camera settings ready to go. Most people, especially other tourists, are more than happy to get a quick lesson and take your photo. Now get out into the world with your camera and shoot every magnificent inch of it. You’ll be the envy of Instagram and have a gorgeous showcase of your travel memories.
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