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It’s All About Perspective

Back in the 90’s, photography was an expensive hobby, even at the entry level… unless you count the disposable cameras with the clicking wheel (we don’t). Now cameras are available on nearly every mobile device, and apps like Instagram bring out everyone’s inner photographer. So, just how do you snap a perfect, post-worthy shot on a camera phone? We’ve compiled three ways to consider perspective in mobile phone photography that will give rookie snaps a more professional appeal.

1.Remove unwanted foreground and background

Have you ever gone to the zoo and tried to take pictures of the animals through the fence? The pictures have the fence in the foreground, and the animals are barely visible and blurry in the back. But, if you walk up to the fence and focus your lens through one of the links in the fence, then the fence isn’t in the picture, and you can see the animals much more clearly: fense shotfence shot This is the same concept with nearly every shot—be conscious of your foreground. Take a look at this palm tree in front of a concrete wall. Both pictures are taken from the exact same position, of the same palm tree. The only difference between the two is that the second picture takes the wall out of the foreground: palm tree palm tree2

2. Give every photo a subject

Sounds simple, right? Sometimes all that beautiful landscape needs is a focal point to really make the picture “pop!” For example, take a look at the following photo: water It doesn’t really capture the majesty and awesomeness of Key West, does it? But, when you stick a subject in there: water2 …and now the setting really comes to life. Studies of Instagram photos show that about 65% of all Instagram posts are selfies, friends, and lifestyle photos. Why? Because awesome action photos are just a quick phone click away.

3.Get creative!

Try taking pictures from different perspectives. I challenge you to avoid the obviously beautiful shots and try snapping a picture from a unique perspective. Try the 7 day photography challenge (look up #challengeonnaturephotography on either Facebook or Instagram) and unleash your inner photographer.
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