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New Arrivals & Recently Released

New Arrivals & Recently Released

What's the best camera you can buy right now? It's an impossible question to answer, but we'll do our best to make sure you know about the new arrivals and recently released cameras so you end up buying the right camera for you. 2019 Releases Sony A9II 2019 Release While the Sony A9 II looks quite similar to its predecessor, and retains its 24.2-megapixel image sensor completely unchanged, the 2019 release A9 II nevertheless brings with it a lengthy list of new features. There are changes to the exterior body design, controls and user interface, including improved weather sealing, as well as improving the imaging pipeline beyond the sensor. And on top of those tweaks, Sony has further honed both autofocus and image stabilization, changed the 2019 release A9 II's shutter mechanism, and improved viewfinder responsiveness. The company has also added even more connectivity options, upped the speed of the secondary storage slot and improved battery life. The biggest changes on the 2019 release A9 II are targeted toward those who make a living taking photographs and need to deliver large numbers of them quickly. Some of the new features include Gigabit Ethernet, 5GHz Wi-Fi and voice memos. The 2019 release can also store up to ten sets of both FTP and camera settings. The 2019 release A9 II will be available in November from Sony A7R IV 2019 Release  One of Sony’s latest 2019 releases, the 61-megapixel A7R IV full frame mirrorless camera is loaded with the latest AI-powered eye autofocus F image processing, an electronic viewfinder and in-body stabilization technology. Sony also aimed to please demanding pro users by making the 2019 release A7R IV tougher and easier to handle than previous models. This 2019 release should be a top pick for anyone looking for a high-resolution camera, especially as it's reasonably priced against rivals. The 2019 release A7R IV has a bigger grip than the A7R III, and it's better contoured to fit your hand. The layout is about the same as before. However, Sony made subtle improvements to the 2019 release by adding a locking button for the exposure compensation dial and tightening up the power switch. Overall, it's one of the easiest cameras to shoot with. You wouldn’t expect a 61-megapixel camera to be fast, but the 2019 release A7R IV really delivers 10 fps speeds with continuous AF and auto exposure, even when shooting compressed RAW and fine JPEG images. The 2019 release A7R IV is a great high-resolution camera for landscape, fashion and other types of artistic photography. Latest Releases Canon EOS M200 Latest Release Professional-looking photos are effortless with the Canon EOS M200 from Capturing high-quality images and video has never been easier with the EOS M200’s blend of DSLR quality and smartphone convenience. Superior storytelling is made effortless with Canon’s latest release. Its guided user interface is perfect for first-time camera users, with useful on-screen guidance as well as hints and tips on how to get the best results. The latest release camera’s APS-C sized 24.1-megapixel sensor is larger than that of a typical smartphone, producing highly detailed images that look sharp and striking, even when cropped or enlarged for sharing on social media. The latest release camera features Dual Pixel CMOS AF - a Canon-developed technology that delivers professional-looking movies and images, by keeping moving subjects in sharp focus with a pleasing background blur. Perfect for capturing pin-sharp memories at a party, festival or concert with low-light AF sensitivity down to EV-4. The addition of Eye Detection AF also makes capturing the natural expressions of friends and family simple, by automatically maintaining focus on a subject’s eyes. The LCD touchscreen on the latest release Canon EOS M200 flips 180 degrees, helping elevate selfies beyond what is achievable with a smartphone. The latest release camera’s Self Portrait mode also allows settings such as background blur and brightness to be easily adjusted in real time. A first on an EOS camera, the movie record button is displayed on the touchscreen when in Movie Mode, ideally positioned for easy operation when recording a vlog with the screen tilted 180 degrees. Movies can even be recorded and played back on mobile in a vertical orientation so they are optimized for sharing on social media after they are captured. Osmo Pocket Latest Release Modern vlogs, with their tight editing and many establishing shots, take a lot of precision and patience to shoot. That’s where a camera like the DJI Osmo Pocket comes in. The DJI’s latest release has a three-axis stabilized gimbal that ensures your footage is smooth and appears professional even when you’re operating without the help of a tripod. This latest release also has more advanced functionality like support for time-lapses and motion-lapses that make the other staples of the vlogging genre far easier to capture. DJI’s latest release shoots in HD or 4K resolution. Once you’ve captured your footage, you can offload it via a USB-C cable to your PC or export it directly to your phone via the DJI Mimo app. It’s a very capable camera. Beneath the camera, there are a pair of buttons- one multifunctional and one for recording video and taking photos- and a small one-inch touchscreen. The latest release also comes with a small, removable pair of connectors which you attach to the camera. These then allow the Osmo Pocket to be fixed to the bottom of a phone and held horizontally to allow you to control the camera using your phone’s touchscreen or transfer your footage. The Osmo Pocket is an all-in-one camera with a built-in stabilizer that is, as the name suggests, pocket sized and incredibly easy to use! Check out these new arrivals and recent releases. Then decide on the best camera for you based on what you need.
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