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Photographing the Fall Fashion Trends

When thinking about fall photography, your mind may go into overdrive thinking about the amazing colors you could use for your backgrounds. However, when you are shooting fashion photography, you’ll need to do some planning. Scour the land for the most perfect location that will allow your subject, the clothing, to stand out. We have put together some combinations of the trending fall fashions this year. Alos, suggestions for the best backdrops that will emphasize the outfits. Monochromatic Wearing the same color from head to toe is one of the biggest trends going this fall.  Monochromatic dressing is a fool-proof way to assemble an outfit—simply pick a color and stick with it. Any color is acceptable from bright yellow and fuchsia to deep purple and burgundy. Even the color-adverse can still get on trend by wearing all white or black complete with matching heels. And certainly don’t underestimate the always popular khaki.  This neutral palette flooded the runways in monochromatic looks that prove you don’t have to dress in bright colors to make a bold statement. These solid colors will stand out against a contrasting background of fall foliage. For added emphasis on the subject, create a bokeh effect by using a fast prime lens with at least an f/2.8 aperture like the Sony 50mm f/1.8 Mid-Range Prime E-Mount Lens. Novelty Knits Like the cozy heirlooms passed down from your grandparents, knits have a sweet, nostalgic twist for fall. Some are quirkier than others, but each is full of personality and can be paired with jeans and more. Shooting your subjects hanging out around a campfire on a crisp fall evening, relaxing and telling stories from long ago would be the perfect backdrop for these knits from the past. Photographing at night has its challenges. Your Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II Digital Camera from should be set accordingly. Power Puffers Parkas and puffers are still on trend this fall. But this year’s outerwear comes with some refreshed, fashion-forward fabrics making them as stylish as they are practical. Your subjects will be the trendiest hikers on the trail as you photograph them among the fall foliage. Use a fast shutter speed on your camera from to freeze action so the subject won’t be a blur while hiking through the foliage. Go-To Sheath This cool, modern dress might just become a staple in your closet. The ability to wear high boots, ankle boots, flats, leggings, cardigans and jackets with these dresses makes them one of the most versatile pieces in your closet. This dress will also allow you some versatility when finding the perfect location to shoot. Sitting on a rock along a stream with fallen leaves sprinkling the banks would be a great place to start. Shimmering Silver Get noticed this fall by cloaking yourself in silver sparkles and metallic.  Everything from cocktail dresses to your tops for girls’ night out. For these fancier on trend pieces, photograph your subjects among the bare branches of the trees for a sleek, classy look without the business of the fall colors in the background. Just a Slice Cutouts with slashes and slits aren’t just for making statements on cocktail dresses anymore. This fall, these tears have found their way onto tops and sweaters, making everyday outfits spicier. These cutting edge outfits should be photographed as your subject struts down the pavement with the ruby red and burnt orange leaves covering the sides of the road. Set your Nikon D5600 DSLR Camera to shutter priority mode and start snapping. Whether you are shooting for a magazine submission, for your own fashion blog, or just snapping some photos of your friends or family modeling this fall’s top fashion trends, you’ll find these suggested locations a good start when planning your backdrops.
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