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Stocking Stuffers for Photographers

Stocking Stuffers for Photographers

Stocking stuffers for photographers? You might think that everything photography related is too expensive to be used as stocking fillers, but we’ve found a handful of items that work perfectly as photography stocking stuffers. So, if your favorite photographer is tired of the traditional chocolate, candy canes, and gum, then take a look at some of these small-ish unique stocking stuffers. Camera for Beginning Photographer The Nikon D3500 is the perfect camera for someone getting started with photography and looking to advance past smartphone photos. It shoots great photos on automatic mode, and offers full manual control and advanced features. The less-expensive model comes with an 18-55mm kit lens, but it's also worth considering the two-lens bundle as a unique stocking stuffer from It includes a 70-300mm lens for just $100 more. DJI Spark The DJI Spark makes a great photography stocking stuffer. It is one of the best all-purpose devices for someone getting into drone photography. It has a stabilized camera capable of taking 12 MP photos and 1080p video. Mini Tripod Steadying the camera to capture a sharp image is often a necessity and, in these instances, your photographer needs some way to fix their camera in place. A mini tripod makes the perfect stocking filler because it is immensely useful to have in the bottom of their bag for such occasions. Remote Control A remote control can come in very handy when taking your own family pictures this holiday season. So it makes a great stocking stuffer idea for the photographer on your list! Reflector Discs Looking for a unique stocking stuffer idea? These reflector discs are light as a feather, pack well and can make that little difference in a photograph. If you're outside doing macro work and the sun is a little too bright, the translucent disc can take away the harsh rays so that the color and detail are beautifully illuminated by lighting from the background. The reflective version can bounce light with a white or gold cast depending on which disc you choose. They pack in a pouch and weigh almost nothing. Neutral Density Filters These stocking fillers prevent light from reaching camera sensors. They let photographers stop down to open up their aperture or slow the shutter speed. It’s a great tool, even in the age of Photoshop. When photographing water, this filter creates a silky blur of movement. In bright light, it helps produce artsy Bokeh effects usually reserved for low light photography. It’s a great little stocking filler, especially for those short on space in their photography bag. These photography stocking stuffers will delight and excite the photographers on your list. Plus, they will put them off the trail of that hidden digital camera from under the tree.  
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