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The Best Camera for Selfies

The Best Camera for Selfies

Camera Selfies

Selfie photography has really come a long way.  Seems like an eternity ago that we used those vintage Polaroid instant cameras to take selfies of ourselves.  It was always fun watching the image and colors come to life as you waved the instant photo in the air to develop.  These were awesome photos that we gave to our friends, added to our photobooks, and showcased on our kitchen refrigerators.

Since then, selfie photographs have only grown in popularity.  As soon as camera lenses were added to smartphones, selfies exploded as it was a new, easy way to send your beautiful face to your loved ones with the push of a button.  You can see why selfies have become so important.  They can keep you closer to your loved ones, even when you are miles apart.

With the evolution of the internet and social media, selfies now play a new role.  Influencers and content creators use selfie photography and videography as a way to communicate with their audience to portray image, entertainment, fashion, adventure, education and friendship.

With the advancements in technology and the uses for selfie photography and videography broadening within the online content social media realm, optical companies are producing new camera products that are designed specifically to increase efficiency and convenience when creating.  That means there are a ton of features geared towards selfie photography and videography that will easily get you the best selfies to share with your friends or audiences.

Let’s have a look at the best and newest cameras for taking selfies.

Sony ZV – 1F

Sony ZV – 1F


At the top of the list is Sony’s latest addition to their ZV series cameras for content creators the ZV – 1F.  Simply put, this camera is one of the absolute best cameras for taking selfies.

For selfies, this camera excels.  The vari-angle touchscreen LCD display which contorts in any direction letting you clearly see the frame when taking selfies or shooting at odd physical angles.  The size of the camera is perfect weighing only 8.1 ounces and small enough to carry in your pocket.  The lens is also a built-in prime lens, meaning there are no external bulky lenses to lug around with you on your shoots.  You don’t need anything but the camera itself, making the ZV-1F easy to take with you on any adventure or outing.

The picture quality is amazing.  The ultra-wide 20mm F2.0 prime lens opens up your frame so your images and video will never seem cramped or tight.  You can shoot pro quality 4K video and get 20.1 megapixels still images with a powerful battery that can last upt o 90 minutes when recording video and up to 270 minutes when shooting images.  The ZV-1F can be powered and charged via a USB as well.

When it comes to features, the ZV-1F is packed with stuff that will help your selfies.  Face Priority AE or Auto Exposure will automatically adjust the brightness based on facial analysis.  Whether you’re in an extreme, low light, or even a rapidly changing light environment, this feature will adjust your exposure to fit your color within your environment, maintaining your natural skin tones while avoiding unwanted white noise and color fading.  In addition to the Face Priority AE, you also get a Soft Skin Effect Feature which adds skin smoothing, which really comes in handy on those down days where you need a little extra to keep you looking beautiful and fresh.  There is also High Precision Focusing and Eye AF (Auto Focus) which tracks your eyes and face to keep you in focus.

One feature that makes the ZV-1F great for selfies, is called “Shot Mark”.  This let’s you quickly identify your favorite photograph selfie files for easy transfer to your smartphone which enables you to share it with your social media audience or send to your friends.  For video, “Shot Mark” helps you identify and cut 15, 30, or 60 second marked clips for simple rapid transfer as well.

The ZV-1F has many powerful features beyond taking selfies, and at a starting price under $500, the ZV-1F is probably the best selfie camera available today.  It also comes in black and white colors which is fun and expressive.

Nikon Z 30 Mirrorless

If you’re looking for a more versatile camera with a little more power and niche features for video recording, Nikon’s Z 30 mirrorless camera is the way to go. 

The camera is a little bulkier than the Sony ZV-1f predominately from the slightly larger body and external lens kits.  The Z 30 weighs 13.8 ounces which is still considered to be very lightweight, but you do need external NIKKOR lenses that will also layer on some bulk and weight.  Although the lens is not built in like the ZV-1F, having the option of using different lens types does offer you extra versatility when shooting which can enhance your selfies and photography in general.

Perfect for getting your selfie just right, the Z30 uses a 3.0-inch vari-angle touchscreen LCD display that lets you swipe, pinch, and zoom through playback and menus.  The screen folds out and twists in virtually any direction.  No matter if you’re doing a self-shot video and want to see yourself, using it to test focus and confirm your frame pre-shooting, or attempting unique camera angle shots from any position, the screen will adjust exactly how you need it to.

The Z30’s hybrid phase detection and contrast detection AF can now be used during video recording which is extremely beneficial when shooting selfie vlogs.  The eye and face tracking feature works flawlessly by locking onto and tracking the subject’s eyes as well.  So, if you like to move around a lot on camera, this is for you.

The front facing REC lamp indicator lets you know that you’re recording with a front indicator.  This works great in conjunction with the front faced LCD touchscreen that can function your camera’s focus, brightness and set self-timers while of course see yourself.

Regarding image quality, the Z 30 has superior low light performance.  With a 20.9-megapixel large APS-C / DX-format CMOS sensor and ISO range that can go from 100 up to 25600 for video and 51200 for photos, the Z30 will produce vibrant, clear, and sharp video with less noise and fast focus.  You also get 4K HD video recording with 30P UHD or full HD up to 120P.

Using Nikon’s SnapBridge app you can see what the camera sees, start and stop recording, and take photos.  The Z30 is also great for selfies because you can transfer photos and short video clips to your phone or tablet if you wanted to edit and post from your smart device or share your selfies with friends.

Nikon’s Z series cameras are considered some of the best professional cameras available on the market.  The Z 30 is their latest addition and the entry level price point to the series.  So, with the Z 30, you will get most of the power and features of Nikon’s flagship series, but at a really good price.

Fujifilm Instax

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 instant film camera is by far the most fun selfie camera available today.  This camera revives the sentimental memories of taking selfies with the old school polaroid camera and having instant gratification with a produced image in your hands. 

The Fujifilm Instax is small and light, weighing just over 10 ounces, you can easily carry it with you in your pocket or your handbag to take with you on any outing.  Whether you’re going to the park, having a picnic, watching a baseball game, or going to the mall, the Instax Mini is like having a mini photobooth with you.Selfie

The classic style of the Instax Mini is timeless, and it produces high quality selfies.  With a built-in automatic exposure, one-touch selfie mode, and selfie mirror, it’s extremely simple to operate.  Have fun with your family and friends shooting anytime, anywhere, and instantly produce high quality 2”x3” photos that you can share with your friends or display in the most fun places.

At a price under $100, this camera can help create memories from moments that you can enjoy for many years.


Yes, its true, your smartphone is still awesome for taking selfies.  Most newer phones will have advanced optical hardware and technology integrated so you can have photographing power at the ready in any situation.  Even though you may not have the features, power, and quality like the ZV-1F or the Z30, you will still be able to produce amazing quality pictures. 

When shooting selfies with your smartphone it can be tricky.  Having the right balance while holding your smartphone so you get the perfect angle and pressing the button to take the picture can cause an uneven or blurry result.  If you want amazing quality selfies with your smartphone you will need to get a camera selfie stick.  Higher end ones will give you actuating power without needing to touch your smartphones screen and enables you to achieve the best selfies.

Camera Stick

For those seeking the best quality selfies, adding a camera stick to your arsenal of photography gear would be wise.  It’s the only way to get the best high angle selfie.  For video, consider looking into an invisible selfie stick which uses a combination of software and image overlap to make the stick disappear.  These are ideal for 360-degree videography but can also be used when shooting selfie videos while you’re moving.

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