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Tips for End of Summer Photos

Tips for End of Summer Photos

Labor Day weekend is upon us. That can only mean one thing. Summer is coming to an end. There is still a little time to squeeze in a few more days of fun in the sun. Grab your camera and head to the beach, the mountains, or to your backyard to capture some exciting photos of the last days of summer. 

Candid Shots

Wherever these last days of summer take you, try shooting candid late summer photos. A few posed shots are nice. Candid shots will tell more of the story of what went on during those last few days of summer.

Tips for End of Summer Photos
Use a Polarizing Filter

Want to give those end of summer photos a little more pop? Boost the saturation by using a polarizing filter. A filter will also help remove unwanted glare you can get from the bright sunlight. This includes the glare off of the water.

“Pick Your Own” Farm

It may not be watermelon season, but there are a few other yummy types of produce still in season. Gather the family together and head to a local farm to pick berries or dig up carrots. You may only need to walk out your back door if you have grown your own vegetable garden this summer! Either way, use your mirrorless camera from to snap some fun images of everyone pulling, picking and digging their favorites. At the end of your harvest, take some still life photos of the baskets of produce. Then of course, make some pies, breads or cobblers to enjoy your bountiful harvest. Another end of summer photo opportunity, take shots as the finished products come out of the oven.

Go on a Picnic

Say good-bye to summer by going on a big family picnic. Pack some fun things to do while at the picnic site. Pack a kite for the kids to fly while you set up the food. Take a Frisbee for the dog. A kickball or badminton set are good to take along for some fun family competition. Take your drone from to capture some end of summer aerial shots of everyone enjoying the food while sprawled out on the blanket. There are so many opportunities to capture some candid end of summer photos of everyone enjoying one last end of summer picnic.

Tips for End of Summer Photos
Beach Day

Take advantage of these last days of summer and hit the beach. The end of summer photo opportunities are seemingly endless when spending the day at the beach. Capture the progression of the kids building sandcastles from the beginning to the finished product. Use your action camera to capture some epic end of summer photos of your kids catching some waves on their body boards. Maybe your older kids, or even your spouse, like to surf. Have them wear the action camera as they get barreled in the wave of a life-time. Closing out summer with those end of summer photos would be epic! Don’t ignore the still life on the beach. Take some end of summer photos of the seashells, seaweed, dunes and the piers while you are there. If you stay long enough, end the day with some breathtaking shots of one of the last sunsets of the summer.

Tips for End of Summer Photos
Summer Sunflowers

There is nothing quite like wading through a sea of sunflowers. These big yellow discs are a gorgeous way to document the end of summer in photographs. The best time to shoot these bigger than life beauties is during sunrise or sunset. Shooting from a low angle will allow you to create a nice contrast between the shapes of the flowers and the blue skies. Including the sun in the frame as it hangs just above the horizon will cast a stunning flare and rim of light on the sunflower. Sunflowers afford the perfect opportunity to attach your macro lens for some practice as well. Don’t forget to take along your drone for some captivating end of summer aerial shots of the entire field of sunflowers.

These are some great end of summer photo ideas to help you capture those last fleeting moments of summer.

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