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Deco Gear VR Facial Interface Bracket & Foam Face Pad Replacement Set Oculus Quest/Quest 2

Condition: New
Original price $19.95
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Original price $19.95
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Current price $9.99
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Item Description
  • Keep your Oculus Quest headset clean and fresh
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Great for wearing glasses
  • Included: 1 PU Leather Thick Foam Cover, 1 PU Leather Thin Foam Cover, 1 Facial Interface Bracket, 1 Anti-Leakage Nose Pad, 1VR Lens Cover
  • Overview

    Have a funky VR Headset? Get the ability to clean and replace facial internals of your Oculus Quest VR Headset.

    If you use your VR headset often or share your it with multiple people, staying on top of cleaning it can be tough. With the Deco Gear VR Facial Replacement Set, you get the pieces needed to give your headset a fresh feel and the ability to keep it clean.

    The PU Leather Foam Cover allows you to wipe down your Quest Headset after use and is offered in two sizes for improved comfort options.

    The foam covers are designed to be more compatible for people that need to wear glasses, thanks to two notches on either side that give more space to a variety of frames.

    For even deeper immersion, an optional Anti-Light Leakage Nose Pad prevents any additional light from sneaking in around your nose. We also include a protective lens cover to protect the headset from scratches and dust.

    Included: 1 PU Leather Thick Foam Cover, 1 PU Leather Thin Foam Cover, One Facial Interface Bracket, One Anti-Leakage Nose Pad, One VR Lens Cover