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MAXHeat by SoftHeat (Standard Size 12" x 15") provides maximum heat for optimal therapy by delivering fast relief, soothing therapy and moist heat. Heat relaxes muscles and relieves joint pain and soreness, increases blood flow to the injury area and helps accelerate healing, as well as warms/looses stiff muscles before exercise. Moist heat is doctor recommended and MAXHeat by SoftHeat has an Aguifier sponge to deliver a timed-release moisture technology that provides deeper heat penetration than dry heat alone. The SmartHeat Technology provides consistent heat in the recommended therapeutic range as well as eliminates spikes and maintains a more comfortable, even heat. 1) 3 heat settings, 2) 60 minute auto shut-off, 3) SmartHeat Technology for fast heat up maintains comfortable, even heat, 4) Moist or dry heat, 5) Soft comfortable cover; machine washable, 6) Longer 9' Cord.