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The LifeSmart SC-D027 2.7 Liter Ultrasonic Humidifier guards against problems caused by dry air in the home. Ultrasonic technology disperses a fine mist into the air and is ultra-quiet making it ideal to have on while you sleep. The large tank can provide soothing mist for up to 18 hours on low. There are 3 speeds low; medium and high. Digital controls allow you to set the desired humidity from 45% to 85% in 5% increments. Once the desired humidity is reached the unit will shut off to save water and extend runtime. Safety features include an auto shut off to prevent damage.

Product Features:

  • Max. mist output: 300 ml/h(+/- 20%)
  • 3-level mist control - low; medium and high
  • Simple dial controls cool mist humidifier
  • Humidistat function - the device will stop humidifying until the device reaches the settled capacity
  • Quiet operation to disperse a cool visible mist


  • Item Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Warranty: 1 Year