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Vivitar Universal Neoprene Neck Camera Strap for DSLR, Mirrorless, Point/Shoot (Pink)

by Vivitar
Condition: New

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Item Description
  • Universal neck strap for DSLRs, Mirrorless, and P&S Cameras
  • Comfortable padded neckstrap relieves strain
  • Adjustable length for optimal positioning
  • Detachable quick release clips
  • Sturdy build keeps your cameras secure
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    The Vivitar Universal Neoprene Neck Camera Strap is the ideal do-it-all strap system for DSLRs, Mirrorless, and Point and Shoot Cameras. Simple to install and affordable, this neck strap offers premiere comfort and reliability.

    Comprised of thick padded neoprene, this neck strap relieves pain and discomfort during prolonged shooting sessions. Whether you're hiking, walking, capturing nightlife, or traveling abroad, you'll keep yourself and your camera in the hunt for the perfect photo longer.

    Each strap features adjustable lengths on either side for those who want to fine-tune the camera's position on their body. No matter your height, this strap will provide comfortable positioning.

    Detachable quick release clips make it possible to swap out camera bodies if you have multiple available. Installation is simple and utilizes the tried-and-true camera loops.

    The sturdy build of this strap is designed to give you confidence no matter where you or your camera end up.